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The smith+noble Environmentally Friendly Window Covering Guide

Beautiful, high-quality window treatments can completely transform the look of a room. But they also have the power to save energy, keep you more comfortable, and even make your entire home healthier. In fact, our environmentally friendly window coverings are as gorgeous as they are good for you. Here’s how:

smith+noble natural woven shades

Natural woven flat fold shades from smith+noble® will add elegance and functionality to any room in your home.

They’re High Quality

Every environmentalist will recommend that you buy the best quality window treatments you can afford. Cheaply made window treatments can at first glance look deceptively similar to smith+noble products, but are often made with inferior mechanisms that are prone to failure. Smith+noble window coverings are crafted to last. With mechanisms and materials that keep them functioning smoothly for years, you’ll avoid the failures that occur with lesser products. If you choose durable smith+noble products, you’ll reduce the resources needed to cover your windows over the lifetime of your home.

smith+noble honeycomb shades

New from smith+noble® are luxe linen Honeycomb shades, which make decorating easy with 21 solid colors to choose from.

They Keep Heat Out

Energy-efficient window coverings can lower your heating and cooling costs. They will, as a result also reduce emission of climate-changing greenhouse gases — your home’s ‘carbon footprint.’ Our GreenGuard-certified Solar Shades — perfect for south-facing spaces — help you in 3 ways. They reduce the need for AC by minimizing heat transfer. They block UV rays to reduce sun damage. And they protect against moisture and mildew with Microban certified fibers. To further enhance the environmentally friendly attributes of our Solar Shades, make sure that on hot summer days you close window coverings on the east, west, and south-facing windows to keep out the sun’s rays (the north side doesn’t get direct sun). Window coverings can also protect furniture, floors, and carpets from damaging ultraviolet rays, so they last longer too!

They Keep Heat In

Our Honeycomb Shades are our best-insulating window coverings, offering all-season energy savings. The hexagonal cell shape of these cellular window coverings traps air in an insulating layer between your room and the outdoors, so you'll enjoy lower heating bills in winter, and less AC use in summer. When the weather turns cold, insulated window coverings can help keep warmth inside and cut down on drafts.

They Come In Eco-Friendly Materials

Our Natural Wovens collection brings you the finest window coverings crafted of bamboo, seagrass and jute — all biodegradable, recyclable and renewable. And our Solar Shades are Green Guard certified, which means each product meets stringent chemical emissions requirements, ensuring low VOCs — and a healthier home all around.