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Classic Carriage House Garage Door Looks

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for The House Designers

With their long history that spans continents, it’s no wonder you’ll find carriage house garage doors still used on so many homes. They’re versatile enough to match both simple and elaborate architecture and offer tons of finishing options, so if you’re looking for a beautiful garage door to suit your traditional home, be sure to explore all the possibilities!

Clopay Canyon Ridge Carriage House (5 Layer)

Canyon Ridge® Carriage House (5 Layer) garage doors come in over a dozen designs with vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and crossbuck overlays. A half-crossbuck pattern and rich finish are perfect for this Southwestern home!

Diverse Designs

Unlike panel or grid style doors that may only give you a couple of basic designs to work with, carriage house garage doors offer plenty. That’s because they feature two main components—the base and overlays. The base is kept plain in the majority of styles, allowing different overlay patterns to set the tone for the door. Overlays may simply frame the outside border or fill the door with vertical, horizontal, and/or diagonal elements. As you can imagine, this yields a variety of designs suitable for all kinds of homes. If you don’t want to rely on overlays to create unique curb appeal, you may like to add a chevron motif to the base. In any case, the door design is just the beginning—there are so many ways to further set your doors apart from this point.

Clopay Canyon Ridge Carriage House (4 Layer)

These Canyon Ridge® Carriage House (4 Layer) garage doors feature spade lift handles that add a bit of dimension to their simple design. If you’d prefer another look, you have your choice of similar colonial or spear handles or lever and O-ring styles.

Hardware Options

Carriage house garage doors offer more hardware options than other types by far. Between lift handles, step plates, and strap hinges, you can add a touch of wrought iron interest or go all-in on rustic appeal. Those aiming for a very clean look to complement a chic home may not specify any hardware at all, but most farmhouse garage doors have handles and step plates, and strap hinges are often added on cottages and old-fashioned European homes. Just make sure to match the level of decoration to the rest of the house so the garage door doesn’t fall flat or stand out too much.

Clopay Canyon Ridge Chevron

In addition to a chic chevron pattern on the base, these Canyon Ridge® Chevron garage doors have windows in the top section. The large rectangular panes balance nicely with the more complex door design and will add plenty of natural light in the garage.

Stylish Windows

Solid garage doors can look fantastic, of course, but adding windows to the top section is a great way to further define your curb appeal. Want to keep it clean? Opt for fewer larger windows. Does your home call for a more old-fashioned or dressier complement? More smaller panes will suit it well. Most garage doors have rectangular window openings, but there are also arched openings available. You may prefer this for Mediterranean architecture or to match arched windows elsewhere on the house. In any case, adding windows to the garage door will bring natural light inside during the day and create a welcoming glow when the lights are turned on at night!

Clopay Coachman

Coachman® garage doors are designed for paint, but you can decide whether to go with a single tone for subtlety or a two-tone application that offsets the overlays from the base to grab attention. You can also choose between a classic factory finish or your own custom colors.

Colors & Finishes

Whether you want a wood or painted look, you won’t be lost for lack of options with carriage house garage doors. Many homeowners love the look of wood for an exterior design that features other natural elements. Paint provides a sharper, cleaner appearance. You can choose between factory finishes or a primed surface for custom stain or paint to complement your home perfectly. The unique two-part construction of carriage house garage doors also means you can select two colors—one for the base and another for the overlays. You’ll see this employed to match trim and help the garage pop, and it’s a favorite for more decorative traditional styles. Believe it or not, you can do this with painted and wood-look doors—your final product can be as understated or eclectic as you want!

Clopay® offers carriage house garage doors in beautiful steel, real wood, and faux wood, so you can find a suitable solution for your home no matter your material preferences! If you need help figuring out the right design, you can use the Door Imagination System™ to test different builds on a photo of your own or a similar home. Feel free to reach out to a local dealer for personal assistance, too!