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Laundry Appliances Tailored to Your Needs

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for The House Designers®

Doing the laundry is what you make it, so make it easy on yourself by choosing appliances designed with your needs in mind! The market is more diverse than it ever has been before, allowing every household to find solutions for the space they have, the kinds of laundry they produce, and even the limitations of the users to fit their busy lifestyles and/or physical abilities. Here are some different aspects of laundry appliances to keep in mind as you shop!

Maytag Commercial-Grade Washer and Dryer

The Maytag® 3.5 cu. ft. Commercial-Grade Residential Agitator Washer and 7.4 cu. ft. Dryer pack powerful performance, simple controls, and durable construction. Despite their professional grade, they’re the standard size for household appliances.

Space Considerations

Laundry appliances can be arranged in a number of ways, and they are designed with this in mind. The traditional set features a top-load washer with a matching dryer, but you’ll also find front-load sets, stacked laundry centers, and even all-in-one appliances that wash and dry in the same drum, eliminating the need to transfer loads between washing and drying. Each of these options perfectly serves a particular niche, so look at your space and see what’ll work!

It’s also important to look at the specifics of each appliance, because they come in different sizes. Compact models exist for both top-loading and front-loading sets, so you may be able to fit either in a given space. If you have a big laundry room and produce plenty of clothes and linens, look into extra-large capacities. Whatever size you’re looking at, keep in mind that many front-load sets can be stacked or set up side-by-side, so they make a more flexible option if you think you may move them in the future.

Whirlpool 1.6 cu. ft. Electric Stacked Laundry Center

The Whirlpool® 1.6 cu. ft. Electric Stacked Laundry Center is perfect for small spaces and makes it easy to transfer clothes from washing to drying without bending over. As a bonus, you can fold dry clothes on the lid of the washer!


While most people don’t give a second thought to their own ability to work with laundry appliances, it is an important factor for plenty of consumers. That’s one of the main reasons why things like laundry pedestals exist—to boost front-loading appliances so users don’t have to bend over as much to use them. Many pedestals also include a storage drawer to keep supplies handy and make the most of the space—they’re a great way to avoid placing heavy items in high places or crowding the floor.

If you need to reduce bending as much as possible, a stacked laundry center—which combines a top-load washer with a dryer above—could be better for you. It’s easier for most people to reach down into the tub and transfer up than it is to squat and/or bend down to reach inside a front-loader and transfer laterally to the dryer. Side-by-side front-loaders are ideal for seated users, though they may or may not be easier when boosted by pedestals depending on the individual’s reach. Pay a visit to a local appliance store to test different arrangements if accessibility could be a concern.

Maytag Front Load Washer with Extra Power and 16-Hour Fresh Hold Option

The Maytag® Front Load Washer with Extra Power and 16-Hour Fresh Hold® Option can cut through tough grime with a heavy-duty, dual-temperature wash designed to lift different kinds of stains. Have a lighter load? It also has a quick wash cycle!

Cleaning Power

Do you know the main difference between a traditional top-load washer with an agitator and a high-efficiency one with an impeller? Many think it comes down to the volume available to fill, but that’s not the case. An agitator relies on a full tub while a high-efficiency washer adjusts its fill to the size of the load, which means it can use a lot less water. Agitators are much better at scrubbing grime out of fabrics, though, so they’re the way to go if you produce particularly soiled laundry. Conversely, you’ll probably prefer the gentler action of a high-efficiency impeller if you have a lot of delicates.

Luckily, cleaning power doesn’t just come down to agitator vs. impeller—front-load washers don’t have either, of course! Movement alone helps clean clothes as they rub up against each other, and cycles are programmed to address different needs. Today’s models give you plenty of options, but they aren’t all the same, so you need to compare them to find the perfect solution for your household.

Whirlpool 5.2-5.3 cu. ft. Top Load Washer with 2 in 1 Removable Agitator

The Whirlpool® 5.2-5.3 cu. ft. Top Load Washer with 2 in 1 Removable Agitator is smart in so many ways. You decide whether you want a stronger wash with an agitator or a gentler one without, it has a Load & Go™ Dispenser so you can skip detergent refills, and it connects to an app!

Smart Capabilities

If you’re the type excited by advances in technology and how the internet can simplify all aspects of your life, a smart laundry set could be the answer you’ve been waiting for. Smart washers and dryers connect to the internet and can be controlled through an app from anywhere, allowing you to start loads on-demand or on a schedule when it’s convenient. For example, you can load up the washer in the morning, then have it set to start when you leave work so you can transfer damp clothes to the dryer when you get home. Want to cut down your involvement even more? Look into smart all-in-one models! Whether smart or unconnected, you’ll find convenient features in plenty of washers and dryers—like large detergent reservoirs you only have to fill every month or so, or settings that keep the dryer drum moving every so often to prevent wrinkles from setting in. With so many intelligent features to consider, your choice can make all the difference.

Check out the wide variety of washers and dryers available from Whirlpool® and Maytag® to find the best set for your home and family! These brands offer the whole spectrum of laundry sets—top-loaders, front-loaders, stacked sets, agitators, impellers, smart connected, etc.—so they have great options for everybody. Be sure to use the product filters on their sites to check off the features you want!