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The Right Staircase

A staircase is an integral part of any multi-level home. When it comes to design and style, stairs can be steep or gradual, narrow or wide, purely function or grand and showy. Some staircases are built in place by stairmakers, carpenters or woodworkers, while others are prefabricated and shipped to your home, where it will be installed onsite by your builder.

Crown Heritage Wrought Iron Staircase

This staircase features three kinds of wrought iron balusters from the Crown Heritage® Vicenza collection.

You should take into consideration the function of your staircase before you choose your design. If it is an entry stairway that will handle a lot of foot traffic and be highly visible from your foyer, than you will want to choose a beautiful, yet durable staircase. For out-of-sight stairways leading to the basement and/or attic, then think economically and choose a pre-built staircase.

Here are a few tips to find the right design for you:

  • Match your staircase to the style and décor of your home.

  • Consider whether or not you want to use the underneath of your staircase for storage space.

  • Allow for natural light by positioning your staircase near windows, since staircases generally can be dark.

  • Match your stairs with your floor. Most stair manufacturers offer woods in a variety of species, like cherry, oak, maple, popular, beech, mahogany, hemlock, white oak, Brazilian cherry, walnut, alder and hickory.

  • Avoid tripping points and be sure your threads easily accommodate your footprint.

  • Choose a design that is safe for your family, particularly if you have small children or elderly living in your home.

Design Tip
You can dramatically enhance your home's foyer without changing the floor plan simply by changing an L-shaped stair into a curved stairway. It takes up the same amount of space, but you're getting a lot more style, distinction and value with a curved stairway.