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Being Your Own Contractor

Being Your Own ContractorWhen becoming your own contractor it is best to have resources. The main three resources that we recommend are as follows:

  • "The Complete Guide to Contracting Your Home"
  • "How to Plan, Subcontract, and Build Your Dream House"
  • "Be Your Own House Contractor"

Barnes & Noble offers all of the above titles at

The largest obstacle in contracting is having all of the products and supplies readily available when needed. You want to make sure the building process runs smoothly and in a timely manner. So even if you choose to hire a general contractor, it is very important to understand the processes in which you will be embarking. You want to make sure your vision of your home is exactly what the final product will be.

Building Your Own House

The major benefit of becoming your own contractor is money. You will save a good chunk if the job is done right. Always check with your local building department to determine any permit regulations or special requirements. You will be responsible for overlooking the entire building project, from subcontracting to ordering all the materials needed. This requires a great deal of effort and a lot of time. If this is your first building experience, weigh the pros and cons before you jump in. Whether out of necessity or indulgence, seek all the information you can before beginning. As a member of "Home Building Club" you will be provided with bi-monthly information to aid in construction of your home. This will help you complete your home in a timely manner and within your budget.