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Explore the Latest in Finding A Home Plan


We know it can be difficult to find your dream home. Check out these resources to help simplify<br>the process, and don't forget that our experienced house plan specialists are here to help!

How to Choose & Build an Affordable Home

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Many homeowners are drawn to the appeal of ready-made homes—whether new construction or newly added to the market again—because they can see what they’ll get and are able to negotiate a price before signing. On the other hand, building a home is a lot more open ended; the house has yet to be created and the cost could fluctuate throughout the process. Don’t let that scare you off—it actually gives you more control over the budget and allows you to put your money where you really want it! If you’re interested in building an affordable home, here are the things to keep in mind that will help you manage costs when you build and even after you move in.

Find a Home with Something for Everybody


When you search for a house plan, you should have a list of what you want your new home to offer. Of course, that list probably looks a bit different for every member of the family. Do you know what everybody’s looking for? Take the time to get on the same page and find the features that’ll serve everybody well, now and in the future. Here are a few things we’ve seen interested homebuyers consider these days!

What Makes a House Plan Affordable?

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The decision to build your own home comes with a hefty price tag and might cause some anxiety, but building rather than buying an existing house actually gives you the power to make budget-friendly choices. Our Affordable House Plan Collection is a great place to start—and you may be wondering what makes these designs more affordable than others on the site. A lot more than meets the eye, it turns out! Here’s a quick breakdown of affordable house plans, and how you can bring your dream home into reality without going over budget.

Deciding Between a One- or a Two-Story Home


When it comes to finding the perfect home plan, a multitude of factors come into play. Every little detail must be considered, from layout preferences to varying designs and functionalities. Your home can be as unique as you want it to be, but with seemingly endless options, it can seem almost impossible to choose. However, by defining several key elements that you may or may not want in your home, the perfect house plan can begin to take shape. Consider the following questions along with the pros and cons to begin the journey to the ideal home for you.

Home Buying Basics: How Many Bedrooms and Bathrooms Do You Need?


How many bedrooms a new home should have is usually the first thing people think about when they decide to buy or build. It isn’t automatically an easy decision, and then the number of bathrooms is another important decision to make. These two factors have the greatest influence on how a family uses and lives in a home, so it’s important to figure out what works for you. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you try to put together your list of requirements.