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Finding The Perfect Home Plan

Finding The Perfect Home Plan Stock plans are a wonderful option for anyone wanting to build a new home. They are reasonably priced and, when purchased from a reputable company, are reliable alternatives to a custom-drawn plan. However, there are thousands of stock plan choices available, and any plan can be changed to your specific needs, budget or lot.

Don't despair. You can have the home you want by having changes made to a stock plan. While practically any change can be made to a plan, some changes are easier (less expensive) and more practical. Learn what changes are possible and/or practical, how to proceed and things to watch out for. We'll help guide you through the experience.

The best way to begin is to locate that stock plan that comes closest to meeting your needs. Then call our customer support at 866.214.2242 and we'd be happy to help you with any changes or questions you might have or email us at

Design Tip
You would be amazed at what can be accomplished by making changes to a stock plan. Personalizing your home can be very rewarding and is often well worth the additional time and expense.

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