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Designed With Baby Boomers In Mind

For those of us who count ourselves among the 80 million or so Americans who were born between 1946 and 1964, we've become well aware of our status as "Baby Boomers." For years, we've been hearing about numerous boomer-related statistics and trivia that indicate that our sheer number (about 26% of the population) has the power to affect almost every aspect of life in the United States. After all boomers represent 45% of the work force and control the largest amount of discretionary income in history. This is particularly true when it comes to the home building industry, which is why our designers and architects continue to create new home designs to meet the ever-changing stages and needs of baby boomers.

The L'Attesa di Vita house plan or "Life to Come" has all the warmth and comfort of a home you'll want to spend a lot of time in. It is also our most popular ENERGY STAR approved house plan.

While many boomers are looking to down-size and prepare for retirement, most are just interested in finding the right-sized home so they can enjoy easy and economical living without sacrificing their needs and changing their lifestyle. For some, that may mean a smaller house plan with a large outdoor living space and open floor plan so they can still entertain and have room for the grandkids. For most, it means a home with lots of flexible spaces to accommodate overnight guests, a home office, entertainment/media room and craft or hobby room.

You'll find that most boomer house plans are one-story or ranch house plans, have a large master suite, flexible living spaces and bonus rooms. You can enjoy browsing through our collection of small house plans, open floor plans, empty nester, one-story house plans and bonus room house plans.

Design Tip
Since about half of your electric bill comes from major appliances, electronics and home office equipment and another 20% is attributed to lighting and the remainder in the heating and cooling of your home it is essential that you choose green appliances to effectively control energy consumption. Speak with your designer and builder to make sure that spaces like your kitchen, office, bathroom and great room are designed to maximize energy-efficiency and that products are selected according to your home's needs.

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