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Save Time & $$$ with Stock Plans

Save Time & $$$ with Stock Plans Stock house plans offer something very important to new consumers - great value. Not only is the cost of a stock plan considerably lower than a custom design, but also you'll save on building costs because stock house plans have already been built and the design is proven. A custom plan works out the kinks as you go along, which can dramatically increase your cost to build.

For example, a custom blueprint by an architect or designer can begin at $2 per square foot, which means a 3,000 square foot home plan would cost minimally $6,000. A similar stock house plan averages around $750. Even with modification costs, a stock plan can easily be half the cost of a house plan drawn from a custom designer or architect.

You can save on construction costs when you use stock house plans, since most stock house plans have already been used at least once so any construction issues regarding the plan have already been resolved. You can also avoid unnecessary building costs and have more accurate budget estimates since the building process should be faster and more efficient.

One of the greatest things about using a stock house plan is the selection. There are thousands of house plans to choose from so most likely you will be able to find what your are looking for. Don't think for a minute that you'll be forced to accept every single detail in your stock house plan. Making a few changes is no problem, because modifications are very common and offered by most house plan companies. Even with the additional modification costs, stock house plans give you more value for your money.

Design Tip
Make sure that when you purchase a stock house plan that you buy from a reputable company and that your plan includes everything you need to build your dream home, including elevations, floor plans, structural details, material lists, drawings and prints. Pay close attention to all the details that go into the design, including the exterior details, interior floor plan and any special building codes your locality requires. Remember, if you don't see a design that perfectly meets your needs, ask about modifications. Many companies offer free modification quotes and will provide the services directly.

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