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Lot, Zoning, and Code Considerations

Lot, Zoning, and Code Considerations Other considerations you have about the lot are what will work best for that lot. When choosing your house design, think about the width of the lot and what designs will work with that width and still allow yard space. Consider a home with a walkout basement or garage below on lots that are significantly sloped. Basements, crawl spaces, and multi-level homes are good choices for a slight slope.

Before beginning construction you or your builder will have to confirm the plans meet your local code requirements. You may have to consider zoning limits that may be set by your local municipality. These could include setbacks, floor to area ratio, height restrictions or even square foot limitations for your lot. Most localities use one of the three main building codes as a base for their local codes, although certain states, such as Florida, have adopted their own independent code. Most municipalities make changes to the codes.

It is best to talk with your local inspector before you begin to build to be sure you are within regulations and requirements.

The three main codes include:
* The Uniform Building Code:
* The National Building Code (BOCA):
* The Standard Building Code (SBCCI)

Most locations that use the BOCA or SBCCI codes have now also adopted the International Residential Code [IRC], or a local version of it.

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