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Choosing The Right Flooring
For Your New Home
Since the floor is a key design element to any room in your new home, you'll need to ask yourself a series of questions so you can be sure you select the right flooring based on design, location, lifestyle and budget.

The first step in choosing a floor is deciding what look and feel you want for each room and throughout your home. Remember your floor is a key design element so you'll want to spend some time selecting the right materials (wood, laminate, vinyl, carpet, cork, bamboo, ceramic and linoleum to name a few), colors, patterns, textures and even shapes for each room.
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For Lasting Comfort & Efficiency
Consider Radiant Floor Heating
All heating systems have a single purpose — to make the inside of your home comfortably warm. Forced hot air systems are the most common heating systems in America, but they're not always your greenest option, because they tend to blow dust, allergens and hot air around and produce uneven, noisy heat that can waste energy. An innovative and alternative heating method is radiant floor heating, which brings the floor of your home up to a warm temperature (typically 75°-85°) so you experience silent, even and comfortable warmth.

Radiant floor heating is a wonderfully efficient heat-distribution system that takes advantage of the whole floor to heat the home, as apposed to forced air coming out of one small vent and trying to heat a huge space.
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Editor’s Favorite Products

Handcrafted Floors

Feel Nirvana

Create a fabulous design using handscraped or distressed hardwood floors from Virginia Mill Works®. They have a natural worn appearance and look like floors from the days when floors were finished by hand. An extensive collection of handscraped floors is available at Lumber Liquidators®.

Dream Home's® Nirvana line of laminate floors will fill your home with harmonious style and comfort. They have all the beauty of natural wood, but they resist staining, wear and fading and come with a soundproofing foam underlay. View additional Dream Home® products at Lumber Liquidators®.

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Green Living Tips
Before you purchase a new floor, you should try Lumber Liquidators® Room Designer. This online design tool allows you to look at a variety of floor styles in different room settings so you can be sure that it fits your needs and lifestyle. You can even change the cabinets and wall colors. Once you've narrowed your search to a few floor samplings it is advised to visit their showroom to see it for yourself.

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