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PDFs Now!™

Have your PDF electronic house plans in your inbox within minutes of ordering by selecting plans from our new PDFs Now!™ house plan collection.

PDFs allow you to print as many copies as you need, in whatever size you want, even 8.5" by 11" from your home computer and easily email to builders, sub-contractors, supply stores, etc. for budgeting and estimates. For full size prints, the PDF can be emailed to your nearest print shop.

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Nice House

In an effort to provide you with faster service, The House Designers now offers three new PDF plan packages.

Option 1

PDF NOW! Electronic Bid Set®: The PDF Bid Set is perfect for getting quick estimates and bids from the convenience of your computer, iPad or Smartphone. Within minutes after completing your purchase and a license agreement you'll have your PDF Bid Set in your inbox. It's important to note that this set comes stamped "Not for Construction" and cannot be used to build your new home until a license is purchased directly from the designer. Full credit will be given towards the purchase of a licensed plan package.

Option 2

Construction PDF Set: You'll be on your way to building your new home in minutes with a complete set of construction drawings in PDF format. Simply sign your license agreement and your electronic plans will be emailed in minutes.

Option 3

5 Bond Sets + PDF NOW! Electronic Bid Set®: This set is perfect for those looking to have a printed set and PDF Bid set. It includes 5 printed sets and a PDF Bid Set file for bidding and getting estimates. The PDF will be in your inbox in minutes and the bond sets will be sent via UPS/FEDEX ground.