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Ventilation is More Important Than Ever

by Lauren Busser The House Designers’ Editorial Director

Energy efficiency has been a concern amongst homeowners and new home builders the last few years. As we are making our homes more efficient, they are becoming more airtight which places a premium on proper ventilation. When homes aren't ventilated adequately indoor air quality may suffer and result in stale air. Ventilation works to move the air so that the air in your home is clean and pure. From adding exhaust fans and range hoods to making a decision to ventilate the whole house, here are a few products that will help you ventilate your home and keep it fresh-smelling and healthy.

Air King Energy Star Qualified Deluxe Humidity Sensing Exhaust Fan

We love Air King's® ENERGY STAR® Qualified Deluxe Quiet Humidity Sensing Exhaust Fan Series which uses an integrated humidistat to sense the humidity level in a room and turns on the fan until the humidity level drops below a preset amount.

Install an Exhaust Fan

Having adequate ventilation in places where heat and humidity rise suddenly and rapidly is very important. One place where ventilation has always been paramount is in the bathroom and shower areas. An exhaust fan will draw the damp air and moisture outdoors making sure that humidity doesn’t take over the home and that stray contaminants and odors in the air are removed promptly.

Broan Elite E54000

The Broan® Elite E5490SS is designed with beautiful elegant curves and a low-profile design. A multi-speed slide control means that this range hood can keep up with whatever you are cooking. You can be sure this range hood will go the distance with Heat Sentry™ technology.

Add a Range Hood

The kitchen is another room where proper ventilation is important. Heavy use of a range and oven can quickly cause the temperature in the kitchen, and adjoining rooms to rise considerably. Installing a quality vented range hood can help you beat the heat in the kitchen by working the same way as a bathroom exhaust fan and drawing the hot air outdoors.

Broan Solar Powered Attic Ventilator

Why buy a fan that relies on electricity when you can purchase this Solar Powered Attic Ventilator from BROAN®. This solar powered fan runs on the sun’s electricity and saves you green in more ways than one.

Don’t Forget an Attic Fan

Properly insulating your attic can help you with your home’s energy efficiency, but making sure your attic is properly vented is even more important. Attic fans draw out the indoor air and replace it with the fresh air outside. Without proper ventilation, hot stagnant air becomes trapped in the attic in summer raising the temperature in upper floors. The trapped air can penetrate the attic floor and affect the entire house. Installing an attic fan is particularly important in this case. In winter, keeping the attic cool is key in preventing ice dams and other damage. Fans, and ridge/gable and soffit vents can alleviate these issues.

Fypon Louvres and Gable Vents

If you want a decorative exterior touch that also helps with your attic ventilation, consider adding a Fypon® Louver or Gable Vent to your home. These beautiful decorative touches will also help to keep the air in your attic refreshed which will keep your home healthy.

Louver and Gable Vents

If you want to supplement your attic fan you can install a louver or gable vent by cutting a frame according to the manufacturer’s directions and mounting it with the brackets provided. Fypon® sells a series of gable vents that are both functioning and decorative. A functioning gable vent is constructed of angled slats that allow airflow while protect your home from the elements, and a corrosion-resistant screen inside keeps insects out.

Properly ventilating your home is essential for keeping both family and home heath in top form. Adding ventilation options in parts of your home that really need it is essential for keeping the air inside your home circulated and fresh, so that you'll breath easy even when the house is tightly sealed from the outdoors.

The Veneto House Plan Kitchen

The Veneto House Plan features a beautiful kitchen. The range hood above the stove assures that your family's aspiring chef can cook in a comfortable, well ventilated space.