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Explore the Latest in Green Building

How Skylights Boost Household Efficiency

VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights

If you want to build a greener home, be sure to explore skylight options! Not only can they cut your electricity usage by reducing the need for artificial light, but they can also save energy by helping with climate control. Today’s skylights are a world away from the first versions that earned a bad reputation for leaking—they offer better glass and multiple layers of protection to maintain a tight building envelope. Here’s why skylights should be included as part of any energy-efficient home.

Creating a Healthier Environment in Your Home

BEHR PREMIUM PLUS Interior Paint & Primer

Here are some things to watch out for and add to your home to create a healthier home environment. Beware of VOCs and other chemicals!

Selecting Energy Efficient Home Appliances

Whirlpool Compact Washer and Dryer

Choose ENERGY STAR appliances to help make your home more efficient and save on your bills. Learn what you need to know here!

How Large Windows Can Be More Efficient

Integrity Windows Wood-Ultrex Casement

You might assume that windows come at the cost of your home's efficiency, but here's how they can actually help keep your bills lower and your family more comfortable!

Orienting a Home for Maximum Efficiency

THD-8290 Barrington

Choosing efficient appliances is one thing, but you can drastically improve a home's energy efficiency before it's even built just by how you position it on your lot! Learn about the different factors that create a great passive solar home, so you can reap the benefits for years.