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Great Housewarming Gift Ideas

Great Housewarming Gift Ideas Welcoming a friend, family member or neighbor to their new home can be very exciting, especially during the holidays. It gives you the opportunity to make a great impression through a wonderful housewarming gift. Whether you're inclined toward giving traditional, unique or very personal gifts, be sure that your gift is practical, useful and memorable.

Here are some great ideas for giving traditional and original gifts that reflect your personality and relationship to the new homeowner.

  • Fresh Plants: Fresh plants are better than fresh cut flowers because they last longer and are relatively easy to maintain. For something really unique, choose a bamboo plant. The number of bamboo stalks is very significant - three to six stalks signify happiness, five to seven stalks signify good health and eight and nine signify wealth and good fortune.
  • A Wreath for the Front Door: Choose a wreath that compliments the season, holiday or the homes exterior décor. Including a wreath storage box adds a nice extra touch.
  • The Gift of Food: With all the unpacking and settling in, especially during the holidays, anyone would welcome a dinner or dessert. Fill a pasta bowl with homemade pasta, garlic, olive oil, fresh spices, tomato sauce and top it off with a bottle of red wine. Everyone loves fresh-baked goodies, so bake some homemade cookies or pie and put them on a keepsake tray or pie plate.
  • Scents: Pick up some decorative scented candles, home fragrance oils, incense sticks, shower gel or bath bombs in a color and fragrance that will add comfort and ambiance to their new home.
  • Special Vase or Piece: An elegant vase or serving bowl can leave memories for every year to come. For a formal home choose a piece of crystal or silver and for a more casual décor consider an interesting glass, porcelain, or pottery.
  • Gift Baskets: If you're looking to give a distinctive gift that compliments their taste and style, than consider a gift basket. Choose from gourmet coffee and tea baskets; garden baskets, how about a tool basket with all the basics, cheese baskets, desserts, dinner baskets, etc. If it is a good friend or close family member you can customize your own basket with trinkets and goodies you know they will love.
  • Dinner & a Movie: A gift certificate to their favorite restaurant and movie tickets will offer a nice evening out.
  • Custom Mailbox: Why not give their new home great curb appeal by having a custom mailbox made. There are many companies online that offer custom mailboxes.

This is just a small sampling of some great gift ideas to give your friends and family who have just moved into their new home during the holiday season.

Design Tip
You can add a special flair to your gifts this season by trying colors and materials that are "outside the box." While most of us think of red, green and gold as traditional holiday colors, the sky is the limit, when it comes to wrapping gifts and preparing cards. Since you've probably spent a lot of time and energy into choosing a gift that reflects the interests and tastes of the person receiving it, it only makes sense to put a bit more effort into the presentation. Whether you choose a trendy, classic, artistic or eclectic presentation, have fun with mix and matching colors and textures, bows, ribbons and cards.