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The Benefits of Building Green

Green Home Checklist

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The Benefits of Building Green
As consumers continue to learn more and more about green building, architects, designers and builders are starting to incorporate more green features into their new homes. Thanks to new technology and products, consumers can build their dream home without sacrificing aesthetics.

Even though everyone in the home building industry is buzzing about the term 'green' building, many consumers are still confused as to exactly what it means to build a green home. Some of the benefits to building green are living in a healthier, more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly home.
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Green Home Checklist
Since green building is not quite mainstream yet, it's a good idea to research green building on your own so you know what to look for when choosing your site, home plan, builder and sustainable products.

Here is a checklist of things to consider when building a green home:

Location: New green homes and neighborhoods must not be built on environmentally sensitive sites like prime farmland, wetlands and endangered species habitats.
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Before you begin your journey towards building a green home, be sure to search through home building magazines and books, explore the internet and talk with your designer, builder and local/regional home building associations, particularly those that are a member of The U.S. Green Building Council (
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