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New Cost-to-Build Estimator
Customize Your Dream Home
The majority of the house plans that you'll find featured at The House Designers were custom homes drawn from the very same stock house plans shown on this website. Almost everyone will make some changes to their house plan when building their new home. Some are very simply changes made on-site by the builder called redlining, while more extensive structural changes are done by the designer or architect before completion of the house plan to ensure an accurate build.
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New Cost-to-Build Estimator
One of the most popular questions we get from consumers and builders' looking at house plans is "How much it will cost to build?" This information is necessary in accurately determining if you can afford to build your dream home.

Thanks to The House Designers recent partnership with the experts at StartBuild, consumers and builders can now purchase an accurate, state-of-the art Cost-to-Build Estimator, which is based on current costs for products and labor specific to your location.

Find out how much it will cost to build your dream home today, with our cost-to-build estimator for only $29.95.
Innovative Building Products

A great reason to consider using natural clay brick is its durability, aesthetics, low maintenance and design flexibility which allows you to blend custom colors, texture and patterns. It's a highly sustainable building product and naturally energy-efficient. Learn more about the benefits of brick at the Brick Industry Association.

Euroshield® environmentally friendly rubber roofing systems are designed for high performance in all climates. The roof is lightweight, fire resistance and maintenance free. As for style the shingles are available in slate, shake and tile to create a unique design. Shown is the EuroShake®.

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Green Living Tips
Go green by purchasing your house plans in a digital PDF format, which were created without the use of paper. These files include a complete set of construction drawings to build a single home and can be emailed to you in as little as 24 hours.
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Search for House Plans | See our New Plans | Blog

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