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Going Solar: What You Need to Know
There are many ways to save energy on your new or existing home by taking advantage of the latest technology in alternative energies. Leading the trend are solar energy systems, which can be as small as adding a few solar panels to your roof or as extensive as a total solar home system depending on how much you want to rely on this free, natural resource to power you home's electricity and water.
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Understanding Solar Water Heating
With the constant rise in energy costs, building a new home is the perfect time to consider installing a solar water system. The great thing about installing a solar water system is it's powered by the sun, a free and natural resource. You may think you need to live in a warm climate to utilize a solar system, but thanks to new technology you can have these systems installed anywhere.
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Editor’s Favorite Products

The SolPak® Series by Rheem® is the company's first all-inclusive active solar water heating system. It's nicknamed "solar in a box" because it comes with all the parts you need to install the system.

The Tangarie® GALE™ line of vertical axis wind turbines is a versatile and environmentally friendly product. Its unique design produces up to 50% more annual electricity than conventional turbines.

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Green Living Tips
If you have decided to use solar energy for your new home, you'll also want to ...
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