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Energy & Environment
At the core of what makes a home green is how efficiently it responds to its environment. The key to building a home that provides maximum indoor comfort, temperature balance and energy efficiency is understanding your sustainable design options and purchasing the right HVAC system.
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Choosing the Right HVAC Equipment
When purchasing heating or cooling equipment, remember that high efficiency levels begin with ENERGY STARĀ®. Whether you're searching for a new heat pump, furnace, or other heating and cooling equipment, ENERGY STARĀ® has set energy efficiency specifications to help you save on energy bills and improve the comfort level in your home. Common HVAC systems include furnaces, boilers, heat pumps and central air conditioners.
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Energy Saving Tips
No matter what type of heating or cooling system you have, everyone is feeling the heat with rising energy costs. Typically, 45% of your utility bill goes for heating and cooling with more than half of homeowners in the U.S. using natural gas to heat their homes.
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