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Summer Sale | Take 15% Off ALL House Plans | Code: SUMMER15

Selecting the Right Plan Package

Now that you've selected the house plan you want, the next step is to purchase the right house plan package to build your dream home! The House Designers offers a variety of home plan packages to meet different needs, so make sure to select the right one, and keep in mind that not all these package types are available on every house plan.

THD Plan Packages

Review the different types of house plan packages we offer to determine which option is right for you. If you're unsure, contact your builder or live chat or call us at 866-214-2242 and we'd be happy to help.

PDF and PDFs NOW! Sets – A PDF set is an electronic file that contains all the same blueprint components as any printed set. Most customers choose PDF house plans because they're sent immediately via email and have a license to print as many copies as necessary. They're also easy to send by email to potential builders, contractors, financial institutions, home product stores for estimating and more. You can also start with a PDF Bid Set to get construction estimates. For a buildable plan, you'll be required to buy the full construction package and the cost of the PDF Bid Set purchase will be deducted from the price. Please note that PDF/electronic plans are non-refundable.

Printed Sets – These are basic paper blueprints, including all the necessary floor plans, cross sections, elevations and structural information your builder needs to build your new home. You should purchase enough sets to get you through your build because printed blueprints cannot be copied. We recommend purchasing a minimum of five sets because typically you’ll need to supply copies of your home plans to your building department, lender, builder and subcontractors.

CAD Sets – A CAD file supplies an editable electronic house plan file to allow professionals to make modifications digitally. With this option, you're also granted a license to print as many of your own copies of the modified design as needed. If you plan to make extensive modifications or need engineering, a CAD set is a good investment to simplify the process and will ultimately save money as the professional you hire will need less time to complete changes or revisions. Please note that CAD files require the expertise of a draftsman, designer, architect or engineer to edit, and they are also non-refundable.

PDF Bid/Study Sets – For bidding and estimate purposes, we offer a single printed PDF set stamped "Not For Construction". Consider this option to get estimates and bids, and then upgrade to a full construction package and receive full credit from your bid/study set toward the same house plan. Full credit will only be applied when upgrading to the exact plan that was originally purchased. If the bid plan purchased doesn’t meet your needs, a 15% discount towards the purchase of another plan will be applied.

We design our house plans to meet or exceed the minimum plan standards set forth by the International Residential Code (IRC). Modifications may still be necessary to meet local building codes and we advise checking with a local architect, builder or other construction professional to address local requirements and jurisdictions, and to ensure your house plans contain everything needed to obtain building permits.