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Summer Sale | Take 15% Off ALL House Plans | Code: SUMMER15

Designer's Plan Information

Scale: 1/4" = 1'-0"

Elevations -
Includes all 4 exterior views as well as other miscellaneous details. Plate heights, window and door heights, etc. are labeled.

Foundation Plan -
Footing sizes as well as reinforcing requirements should be verified on-site based on soil bearing capacity.
Slab foundations: Are shown as raised chain wall foundations that include an 8" block perimeter.
Crawlspace foundations: Feature an 8" block perimeter and interior pier and beam construction. Floor joists are specified as pre-engineered joists. Garages and porches are chain wall slab construction.
Basement foundations: All have 12" block construction and are listed as "unfinished basements". This means that there is no floor plan layout provided for the basement level. Post and beam locations are provided and floor joists are specified as pre-engineered joists.

Dimensioned Floor Plans -
Floor plans provide dimensions to the exterior face of stud walls as well as interior walls. Square footage is also calculated to the exterior face of the stud walls and does not include any masonry or exterior materials. Doors and windows are located and sized on the floor plan. Plumbing fixtures, cabinets, major appliances, ceiling heights, beam locations, etc. are also provided.

Building Details -
All pertinent information needed to construct the design is provided. Exact products, finishes, exterior materials, etc. are left to the discretion of the homeowner and should be selected based on personal preference and budget constraints.

Roof Plan -
Roof plans are for stick frame construction only. Truss designs must be completed by the truss manufacturer. Snow loads are not factored into the design and must be accounted for if the design is to be built in an area prone to snowfall.

Cross Section -
Due to variances in framing techniques and local code requirements, the cross sections are general in nature. They are intended only to show the main framing/bracing points of the design.

Electrical Layout -
Electrical plans show the location of lights and plugs only. Switch locations are to be determined based on the owner's preferences.

Cabinet Elevations -
Cabinet elevations for only the kitchen are provided. Exact materials and finishes are to be determined by the owner. Cabinet dimensions shall be based on as-built measurements on site by cabinet fabricator.

Window and Door Schedule -
Door and window sizes are provided on the floor plan in the following format: feet/inches of width and feet/inches of height. For example, a door labeled 3068 is 3 feet, 0 inches (3'0") wide and 6 feet, 8 inches (6'8") tall. A window labeled 2860 is 2 feet, 8 inches (2'8") wide and 6 feet, 0 inches (6'0") tall. Rough opening sizes are not provided as they will depend on the owner's window selection.

IRC Details - Plans are designed to the version of the IRC in effect at the time of creation. Please contact the designer to inquire about any updates to the IRC that are requested.

CAD Software: CAD files are provided in AutoCAD .dwg file format, and are backward compatible to 2004 and later software versions.

These items are NOT included and can be handled locally if required:

  • Architectural or Engineering Stamp
  • Site Plan
  • HVAC or Mechanical Drawings
  • Plumbing Drawings
  • Energy Calculations