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Choosing a house plan is a big step, but then you need to decide on a blueprint package. The House Designers offers a variety of blueprint packages, so customers can decide how they’d like to receive house plans based on their specific needs. Once you’ve selected a home design, click on the “select plan package” dropdown menu on the plan page to view the options for that particular plan.

THD Plan Packages

Here are the basic types of blueprint packages we offer:

PDF and PDFs NOW! Sets – A PDF set is an electronic file that contains all the same blueprint components as any printed set. Most of our customers choose PDF house plans because they are received immediately through email and come with a license to print as many copies as necessary. You can also start with a bid set with this option, but you’ll need to buy the full package to receive buildable plans. Please note that PDF plans are non-refundable.

Printed Sets – These are your basic paper blueprints, including all the necessary floor plans, cross sections, elevations, structural information, etc. You must purchase enough sets to get you through your build because blueprints cannot be copied. We recommend purchasing a minimum of five sets to get you through your build, because you’ll need to supply copies to your building department, lender, builder, and subcontractors.

CAD Sets – A CAD file combines the benefits of reproducibles and PDFs. First, it supplies editable electronic files so a professional can make modifications digitally. Today’s architects and designers are well-versed in the CAD program and find it much easier than working on paper. With this option, you are also granted a license to print your own copies of the altered design. If you plan to make large modifications or need to have your plans engineered, you should definitely invest in a CAD set to simplify the process. Please note that CAD files require the expertise of a draftsman, designer, architect, or engineer to edit, and they are also non-refundable.

Reproducible Sets – A reproducible, or vellum, is a type of printed set that comes on translucent paper. The ink is easily erased to allow for modifications by a local professional. A license agreement comes with this purchase so you can alter the design and make as many copies of the finished blueprints as you need to build one house. Most architects these days prefer to work on digital CAD files when modifying, so be sure to confirm with your local professional before buying.

Bid/Study Sets – If you aren’t 100% sure you want to commit to a full plan package yet, we have single printed and PDF sets stamped not for construction. Consider this option if you want to get bids first then upgrade to a full package, with full credit toward the same house plan. Full credit will only be applied when upgrading the exact plan that was originally purchased. If the bid plan purchased doesn’t meet your needs, a 20% discount towards the purchase of another plan will be applied.

We design house plans to meet or exceed standards set forth by the International Residential Code (IRC). Modifications may still be necessary to meet local building codes, so please check with a local architect, builder, or another construction professional in your area to address any issues and ensure your house plans have everything you need to get your building permits.