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Top 12 New Kitchen Products of 2014

by Lauren Busser The House Designers' Editorial Director

Thanksgiving is just two days away and a lot of the holiday sales have already begun. The year 2014 saw some great improvements in kitchen appliances and finishes. Everything from a French door oven to tile and counter tops crafted from sustainable materials made this years list. Modular component systems are making their presence known with new, customizable refrigerators and versatile under-cabinet lighting made to suit the needs of today's multi-taskers. Here we give you 10 of our favorite new kitchen products with everything from renewable/sustainable finishes, to hi-tech faucets and unique sinks.
Lumber Liquidators® Bellawood®  3/4
Lumber Liquidators® Bellawood® 3/4" x 2-1/4" Natural Birch

Bellawood® has always been one of our favorite flooring products. Bellawood® is unique because it is manufactured from carefully selected wood species from regions across the globe that are known to produce denser woods. The result is a durable product that comes with a 100 year limited warranty.

We particularly love the light toasted almond coloring of this Bellawood® Natural Birch from Lumber Liquidators®. Adding this to your home will instantly brighten it up and add a vibrant touch to any space. This product is also proudly finished in the USA.

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Viking® 30" Electric Double French-Door Oven

We first saw this oven at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show in New York City this year and loved this innovative oven from Viking®. The 30" Electric, Double French-Door Oven allows you to use one hand to open both doors and walk right up to the oven so you no longer have to reach over the door. It's perfect for everyday use and especially nice when you're handling a heavy Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas ham.

Aside from the convenience of the French-door design, this oven also boasts the largest capacity in the industry and features all of Viking's® popular cooking technology including TruConvec™ Convection Cooking, GourmetGlo® Infrared Broiler, Tru-Glide™ Full Extension Racks, and Rapid Ready™ preheat system.

Available in a wide range of exclusive finishes, from black and white to apple red and colbalt blue, you can be sure this oven will fit your kitchen's style

Model: Read more about the Viking® French Door Double Oven
Viking® 30
KraftMaid® New Chai and Hazel Finishes
KraftMaid® New Chai and Hazel Finishes

When you are investing in a kitchen, you want a look that will last a lifetime. KraftMaid® has always had that look and has added to it in 2014. Catering to the desires of today's consumers they have added two warm and welcoming neutrals to their lineup. Meet Chai and Hazel. Chai is a great neutral that is light enough to brighten up a space but still be warm and inviting. Hazel has a bit of a green-base to it but is still neutral enough to go with almost anything. Chai and Hazel are available in a variety of finish options.

Pictured in this kitchen is the Cherry in Hazel cabinetry and a Maple in Chai island. This kitchen shows how nicely these hues play together and make for a warm and inviting kitchen.

Model: See all the options for KraftMaid's® Hazel and Chai Finishes
KitchenAid® 30'' 5-Burner Gas Cooktop with Griddle

A kitchen isn't a kitchen until it has a good cooktop. This year KitchenAid® released a new line of gas cooktops designed for the cooking enthusiast. Six new professionally-inspired gas cooktops represent a new level of premium aesthetics and performance for the brand. These burners are designed to meet a wide variety of cooking needs. The models range between 30" and 36". The EvenHeat™ Simmer Burner allows for a precise simmering and melting of sauces and CookSheild™ technology protects your new cooktop from permanent stains and damage.

The 30" 5-Burner Gas Cooktop with Griddle, pictured here, features a 17K BTU Professional Dual Ring Burner that lets you use a small flame for precise simmering or a dual flame for powerful boiling. without having to change burners. What more could your favorite home chef ask for?

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KitchenAid®  30'' 5-Burner Gas Cooktop with Griddle
IceStone® Countertops
IceStone® Countertops

Sustainable and made in the United States, IceStone® has continued to add to their product line with two new colors! Pearl Grey is a elegant and subtle finish that features abalone pieces in a soft chilled grey matrix. Cobalt Ice is a bit bolder. A reengineered formula, Colbalt Ice features azure glass and white concrete. These two colors add to an already versatile palette from a company dedicated to sustainable and durable surfaces.

These countertops are made from simple ingredients that are naturally beautiful. Free of plasticizers and resins, these countertops won't emit any carcinogenic fumes or other toxic substances into your home or food. To back up their commitment to sustainability they have a Cradle to Cradle™ certification. This framework assesses material health, material reutilization, renewable energy as well as carbon management, water stewardship and social fairness. And if you want to support bringing jobs back to the United States, you will be happy to know that the company is based in Brooklyn NY and every IceStone® slab is cast in the historic Brooklyn Naval Yard.

Model: Read more about IceStone® Countertops
Fireclay Tile 3x6 Tile

Speaking of green companies made in America, here's a great tile company based on the West Coast. Fireclay Tile is meticulously handcrafted near California's Central Coast, using top quality recycled materials. Their tile is offered in over thirty sizes and shapes with hundreds of colors to choose from. Pictured here is the 3x6 tile which is a beautiful yet simple solution for your kitchen backsplash.

The numerous shapes and color options make it easy to get exactly what you are looking for but the company behind the tile is dedicated to green practices too. Their recycled clay body is 70 percent recycled content including post-consumer waste up-cycled from curbside-recycled glass bottles and waste porcelain from toilets and bathtubs as well as reusing their own waste water and manufacturing scrap. This makes the company extremely green, since when producing their products they actually consume more waste material than they produce. Now that is something to tip your hat to!

Model: Read more about Fireclay Tile
Fireclay Tile 3x6 Tile
Native Trails Cocina Series
Native Trails Cocina Series

Another product that we encountered at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show in New York City this year, was Native Trails and their unique line of sinks. Their beautiful kitchen sinks are made of copper and emphasize both beauty and practicality.

Pictured here is the Cocina Duet sink from the Cocina Series. This practical and attractive double-bowl sink is artisan crafted with a beautiful hammered copper texture that accomodates a variety of kitchen tasks and offers ease of prep and clean up. The Cocina Duet sink is hand-crafted from recycled copper making each one subtly unique.

And if you are nervous about copper sink care, don't be. All it takes is some mild soap and water and this sink will maintain its lively finish.

Model: See more Kitchen Sinks from Native Trails
best® Vertigo Double

The line of best® range hoods is another unique product that we found this year. Their Sorpresa Collection features many modern and unique styles that could be mistaken as pieces of art. The Vertigo Double, pictured here, can easily be mistaken for a chandelier or a ceiling sculpture. It looks beautiful from any view and its polished stainless steel surface is sure to mesmerize guests.

But don't lets its unique appearance fool you. Underneath the Vertigo Double's ribbony swirl are mesh and charcoal filters with 450 CFM recirculating ventilation that remove contaminants and odors from air. The multi-speed internal blower offers you the choice of quiet operation or powerful extraction and the hidden 4-speed electronic push-button controls are easy to operate. Heat Sentry™ technology automatically turns your blower up to high when it detects excess cooking heat.

As an added bonus, Vertigo Double takes six 20 watt halogen bulbs, included with this blower.

Model: See more ventilation hoods from best®
best® Vertigo Double
Contemporary Pull Nouveau
Contemporary Pull Nouveau

Contemporary Pull is a hardware company we encountered at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show last March. They were showcasing an innovative hardware line with a modern, sleek design. The aluminum hardware is recessed into a custom opening on the door or drawer to which it is mounted so that the style runs flush with the cabinetry.

Not only is this hardware modern but it is also functional, needing no more than a single finger to open a door or cabinet. All the hardware is made to order and easy to install by a qualified cabinet maker or builder. When the hardware is ordered it comes with a jig pattern that makes it easy for you to realize your vision.

We love the look of these modern pulls but we also love the company's green initiatives. In order to minimize their carbon footprint the company manufacturers their hardware in the United States and all waste from their manufacturing process is recycled.

Model: See more Contemporary Pull models
adorne® by legrand® Under-Cabinet Lighting

You don't need to suffer with dark under-cabinet spaces. An under-cabinet lighting system such as this one from adorne® by legrand® offers power galore without a single outlet in sight. Install an under-cabinet lighting system from adorne® and not only will you get great kitchen lighting but under-cabinet plugs can help you reclaim your counter space, and tablet and phone docks give you an out-of-the-way place to charge your phone as you go through your everyday tasks.

With a mix of modules you can get exactly what you need in an easy to install system. The modular tracks are the core system of this product, allowing you to easily add puck lights or linear lights to create the look you want. And you can add various hi-tech components that are easily reconfigured should your tastes or needs change.

Model: See more kitchens from adorne® by legrand®
adorne® by legrand® Under-Cabinet Lighting
Thermador® Freedom® Collection
Thermador® Freedom® Collection

This year Thermador® introduced their Freedom® Collection. These fridge and freezer units are modular so that they integrate into your kitchen's design. The modular units are available in 18", 24", 30" and 36" widths, and can accommodate stainless steel or your own custom panels, offering you the most design choices in the industry. With this collection you can configure your own unique combination of bottom freezers, fresh food freezerless refrigerators, freezer, and wine preservation columns. They also offer a pre-assembled bottom freezer collection.

The units themselves feature many amenities, including the Freedom Hinge which swings 115 degrees and allows for full-height mounted doors and truly flush integrated installation. The hinge also supports any wood on your custom panel. Inside the units you will also find Theater LED Lighting, dedicated evaporator and compressor systems, as well as full-extension drawers.

These units also allow for perfect installation with doors that can be adjusted horizontally, vertically, forward and back to ensure a precise, integrated refrigerator installation in a 25" deep cabinet.

Model: Read more about the Thermador® Freedom® Collection
Kohler® Sensate™ Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Take a look at this touchless faucet from Kohler®! Sensate® keeps your hands free so that you can speed through your cooking and cleaning tasks and enjoy a cleaner, more hygienic kitchen environment. Sensate™ features intuitive Response™ technology that detects your every move. Activate and deactivate Sensate™ with a wave of your hand or by putting an object underneath it. And if you are worried about false activations, Kohler® has thought of that too. Sensate's™ sensor has been designed with precision to prevent false activations when you are working in your sink area.

Underneath Sensate's™ stylish appeal is a lot of convenient technology. For instance, Sensate's™ sprayhead is connected to the spout magnetically via the new DockNetik™ docking system. This new technology allows for the sprayhead to securely glide out and attach back into place securely when the task is complete. The hose that connects the sprayhead is made of ProMotion™ technology, a light but tough hose and ball joint that make the sprayhead more comfortable to use.

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Kohler® Sensate™ Touchless Kitchen Faucet
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