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Top 10 New Interior Home Products of 2013

by Lauren Busser—The House Designers Contributing Writer

Interior design is an important part of your new home. When your guests walk into your home you want them to feel welcomed and relaxed but you also want your home designs to show off who you are. Finding that balance is extremely rewarding, and today there are many products on the market to help you achieve a trendy look that is genuine to you. Whether you are looking for the perfect paint color or a great home accent, we've got the best new interior products of 2013 right here for you.
1-Benjamin Moore® Williamsburg Collection
1-Benjamin Moore® Williamsburg Collection

This year, Benjamin Moore® introduced their Williamsburg Collection. The collection consists of 144 new colors based on colonial Williamsburg, VA and classic American design. The colors in this collection are based on original pigments developed more than 250 years ago. This rich, authentic palette delivers Benjamin Moore's state-of-the-art color technology in a variety of finishes. What's old is new again, and 2013 gave these classic colors new life with a historic-meets-contemporary flare.

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2-LAMPS PLUS® Trad Chic

Relaxed elegance is the name of the game this year, and it expected to carry into next year. That is why we love this collection from LAMPS PLUS®. Simple furniture starts the room, giving it an open and airy vibe. A great deal of style comes from the lighting. With a beautiful champagne crystal chandelier as its centerpiece and exquisite mercury glass lamps, you are sure to find this Traditional Chic look to be inviting and warm while still being on trend.

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2-LAMPS PLUS®  Trad Chic
3-KraftMaid® Natural and Warm
3-KraftMaid® Natural and Warm

This beautiful kitchen from KraftMaid® is part of their Natural and Warm collection. Featuring rich woods and rustic finishes the Natural and Warm Collection is designed to enhance the comfort of your family and friends by creating an open and inviting space for your family to spend time in.

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4-Lumber Liquidators® Bellawood® Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is still one of the most highly desired flooring options and when it comes to hardwood floors, look no further than Bellawood®. Lumber Liquidators® has an extensive collection of Bellawood® hardwood flooring produced from species known to produce denser woods. Look for their Select Grade flooring—the most uniform color with no large knots and the longest average length of planks. A 100 year warranty guarantees that this flooring will last a lifetime.

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4-Lumber Liquidators® Bellawood® Hardwood Flooring
5-smith+noble®  Flat Roman Fabric Shades
5-smith+noble® Flat Roman Fabric Shades

Patterns are gaining popularity right now and if you want an inventive way to add a pattern to your room, look no further than smith+noble®. With plenty of on-trend fabric choices you can add a dash of style to any room. We personally love the Flat Roman Fabric Shades. Not only do these shades lie flat when lowered but they fold up neatly when raised. These shades are beautiful on their own or you can add drapery panels for visual impact, insulation and light control. And with custom widths up to 120" the custom look you want is always in stock.

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6-Fypon® Interior Millwork

If you want a way to add beauty to your home's interior that's simple to install and inexpensive look no further than Fypon® Moulded Millwork. Made of urethane foam created by mixing isocyanate and resin, these high density accents are perfect for interior trim. Their closed cell structure resists warping and each piece has a consistent quality and a finish that requires no additional priming. For even more reasons to love Fypon® Millwork, look to their quick turnaround time and ability to design custom pieces.

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6-Fypon® Interior Millwork
7-Heat&Glo™  REVO Series
7-Heat&Glo™ REVO Series

We love fireplaces, and the REVO series from Heat&Glo™ is the perfect contemporary take on a traditional staple. The REVO series is a gas fireplace that comes in square, horizontal, and vertical models. With a slender 7" deep profile, REVO can hang on the outside or be recessed into the wall of nearly any room. You won't regret installation once you light up REVO. A beautiful flame is produced by the Patented Razor™ burner and the reflective black glass interior creates the illusion of depth. Concerned that REVO might not fit with your design scheme? Don't be. There are multiple design front and finishing options. All of this is wrapped up with high-efficiency AFUE-rated performance for your peace of mind.

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8-California Closets® Storage Solutions

You may have thought that California Closets® could only help with your closets, but now they're able to provide solutions for any room, or space in your home. Built-ins are one of the most wished for items when it comes to a home's interior and built-in storage fits right into that. Enhance your new home's value by transforming unused areas and maximizing storage with solutions that will help bring purpose to every inch of your home. The design consultants at California Closets® are experts at uncovering the hidden potential in your space and helping you get the most of what is already there. Interestingly, they've also got storage solutions specifically designed for your attic, crawl space, under stairways and your basement.

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8-California Closets® Storage Solutions
9-Cultured Stone® Southern Ledgestone
9-Cultured Stone® Southern Ledgestone

One of Cultured Stone's® new products for 2013 was their Echo Ridge and Wolf Creek colors in their Southern Ledgestone. Offering informal appeal and rough texture, its irregularity is part of its beauty. Southern ledgestone can be used to achieve a number of unique treatments with more than seven colors available. Backed by a 50-year warranty you will find that once installed, Cultured Stone® is virtually maintenance free.

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10-Edmund Terrance Wine Cellar Kit

So you really want a wine cellar in your new home, but you'd prefer not to spend a great deal of money on one? Edmund Terrance is here to help. Their Wine Cellar Kit can transform any eight by ten foot space into a room that can neatly house a thousand bottles of your best vintages. If that's more than you need you can go conservative and store two hundred bottles in a wine 'closet.' All of this is made with wood that is sustainably harvested and each part is marked for easy installation.

Model: Edmund Terrance Wine Cellar Kit
10-Edmund Terrance Wine Cellar Kit
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