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Pampering Bath Products

Customize Your Shower Experience

Pamper yourself with Moen's® Refresh™ Showering Collection, which features a wide range of styles and functionality so you can customize your shower experience. This refreshing product line comes in a bright, cool grey metallic chrome finish, as well as a NEW spot resistant brushed nickel finish and bronze. The Fresh Collection includes 11 different models featuring the latest technology from Moen, like its Invigorain™ rainshower technology, which channels water through the showerhead with three times more power than most showerheads.
Model: Moen® Refresh Rainshower Showerhead | Model # 26094 | MSRP: $129.75
Two-person Hydrotherapy

The Aquatic® Millennium Collection is the ultimate in a two-person hydrotherapy whirlpool bath with reclining lounge seats, sculpted armrests and footrests. It's spacious and luxurious and features 24 perfectly positioned massaging jets and an array of customizable features.
Model: Aquatic® Millenium 9 Hydrotherapy Whirlpool | Model AI9MIL7700 | MSRP: $17,655
High-tech Manufacturing

Savoy tile is inspired by the classical design of the tile used by architects and artisans of the 19th century. Crossville® has reinvented these classic designs with updated colors and high-tech manufacturing techniques that replicate the handmade look of centuries past. It's available in five contemporary colors, multiple sizes and shapes to provide the flexibility to create truly inspiring, elegant spaces. It's recommended for use on bathroom walls, floors and vanity tops.
Model: A combination of linen gloss, white and black hexagon matte Savoy tiles VS130, VS131 and VS135 were used to create this classic bathroom design.
Electronic Bidet Seats

Porcher's® collection of electronic bidet seats offers a hygienic alternative for adults and children. There's a special kids setting that allows for child-friendly functions and nozzle positioning. The seats feature two separate nozzles for anterior and posterior washing, as well as a warm air dryer with a two-speed adjustment. For user comfort, there is a choice of five temperature settings for both the water and drier. All bidet functions are sensor-enabled when a user sits down and are controlled by a side panel or remote control, depending on the model.
Model: Shown is the Electronic Bidet Seat with Dryer and Deodorizer and Remote Control | Model 70082-00 | MSRP: $1,050
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