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Making Your Pool More Inviting

With summer just around the corner, now's the time to think about how to beautify or update the look and feel of your pool and surrounding areas. With such a wide variety of outdoor living products available now, there really are no limits when it comes to decorating or otherwise enhancing the look and comfort of your outdoor pool areas. From plush furniture to adding water features like fountains and waterfalls, well-chosen decorative additions to your pool area can really add some spice to your outdoor space and make it truly your own.
Pottery Barn ® Hampstead Teak Sectional Set
Pottery Barn® Hampstead Teak Sectional Set

The Hampstead Sectional from Pottery Barn® is airy, laid back and lends the look of a beach resort, and each set features classic detailing in a warm and natural finish. Add the sustainably harvested teak construction and you've got some beautiful and weather-resistant furniture that are a great investment now, and for many years to come.

Model: Pottery Barn ® Hampstead Teak Sectional Set | $2,462+ MSRP
Viking Pools Grottos

A grotto is a natural or artificial stone structure near a spa or pool, and the people at Viking Pools have designed them to be as simple or complex as your imagination allows. With over thirty-five years of experience, Viking Pools provides high quality materials, custom services, and dozens of design choices to make your poolside as relaxing as possible.

Model: Viking Pool Grottos
Viking Pools Grottos
FiberStars™ TREO LED Underwater Light
FiberStars™ TREO LED Underwater Light

Would you like to improve your underwater lighting? This 5 Watt LED lighting system by FiberStars™ gives off a soft, evenly distributed light without the end-shadows associated with ordinary lighting. The outstanding illumination qualities of the TREO LED Underwater Light from FiberStars™ make it the perfect way to make your pool safer and more inviting for an evening swim, while conserving energy.

Model: FiberStars™ TREO LED Underwater Light
RicoRock® Florida Three-Step Waterfall

RicoRock® is the industry leader in artificial rock waterfalls. Their waterfalls mimic nature's designs with sheets, cascades, ledges, and grotto waterfalls. Their DIY waterfall kits install in one or two days and last the lifetime of the pool because of its high tech concrete mix. Pictured is their original DIY waterfall kit. You can install it yourself in just one hour with construction adhesive. The kit comes complete with sleeves for plumbing and lights. It's also available with three EggLites and transformer.

Model: RicoRock® Florida Three-Step Waterfall
RicoRock® Florida Three-Step Waterfall
LAMPS PLUS® Kichler Bronze LED 35 Degree Landscape Flood Light
LAMPS PLUS® Kichler Bronze LED 35 Degree Landscape Flood Light

You can creatively light your pool with underwater lights but if you'd like to add some real drama to your landscape after dark, you'll want to have a look at some stylish, efficient outdoor lighting like these by LAMPS PLUS®. This Kichler LED light is a low-voltage landscape light that spreads light over 35 degrees. Perfect for highlighting details large and small in your new pool landscape.

Model: LAMPS PLUS® Kichler Bronze LED 35 Degree Landscape Flood Light
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