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Most Innovative & Efficient Hot Water Heaters

Innovative Hybrid

The GeoSpring® Hybrid Water Heater by GE® is an innovative new product which can reduce water heater operating cost up to 62% and save $320 per year. This new system was the first ENERGY STAR® rated hybrid and operates by extracting heat from the air around the hot water tank and preheating the water, which greatly reduces the amount of energy needed to circulate hot water. GE® designed the tank to fit in the footprint of their old 50-gallon heater, so it can easily fit in small spaces.
Retail price: $1,599

Integrated Solar System

Lennox® introduces its latest Home Energy System that uses solar power as an energy source for central heating and cooling and beyond. The state-of-the-art XPG20 SunSource™ Comfort System from its Dave Lennox Signature® Collection, provides a simple way for homeowners to bring solar power into their home and save on utility bills. It operates in a wide range of sunlight and temperature conditions and is ENERGY STAR® qualified.
Retail price: $7,500 - $12,000

Solor Hot Water

Kingspan® manufactures complete solar hot water packages, but we have spotlighted their stainless steel Kingspan Tribune storage tank because of its extraordinary durability and performance. The tank comes with a 20-year warranty, longer than most metal-lined tanks and weighs about half as much as traditional steel-lined heaters. It's available in 60, 80 and 119 gallon tanks.

Small & Powerful

Skye® has an interesting electric on-demand tankless hot water heater unit that's small enough to fit under a kitchen sink. The Paradigm® applies a technology they call HeatSurround,® which heats water by passing it through the heating element rather than immersing the element in the water. In other words, it can supply endless hot water for a shower or dishwasher or washing machine.
Retail price: $1,100

Powerful & Efficient

The Phoenix Evolution® by Heat Transfer Products® is a self-contained heating system that does it all! It combines space heating, domestic hot water and total system control in one compact, high-efficiency unit. As an added feature, this unit can integrate a solar heating loop to supplement the gas heat. The 55-gallon tank is super insulated and made of stainless steel, which comes with a lifetime warranty. It loses just a half-degree per hour, making it 96% efficient.
Retail price: $4,696 - $5,444

Highly Efficient

The new EFFEX® high efficiency gas water heater from A. O. Smith is the most advanced and energy-efficient product of its kind on the market today. Operating at .70 Energy Factor (EF), it can immediately reduce water heating costs up to 25 percent compared to a conventional gas water heater. The EFFEX® is the first and only conventional gas water heater that not only meets today's ENERGY STAR® requirements but also exceed the upcoming second-phase rules that will require a .67 EF.
Retail price: $999 - $1059
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