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Hot New Solar Home Products

Custom Solar Panels

SolarWorld® Sunkits™ are complete high-performance solar electric systems custom designed for each home. The extremely high level of durability and performance is guaranteed by the fact that all its components are made of aluminum and stainless steel and feature their trademark Sunmodule™ solar panels. Find out about available financing options and request a free solar consultation and SolarWorld® Sunkits Product Brochure.
Wind Turbines

The Tangarie® GALE™ line of vertical axis wind turbines is a versatile and environmentally friendly product that blows away the competition (that's according to the ladies that founded the company). Its unique design produces up to 50% more annual electricity than conventional turbines. It can generate energy in winds as low as 4 mph or as high as 130 mph depending on the model. Have fun and customize your Gale™ with a full line of colors and decorative graphics.
Model: GALE 1 Vertical Axis Wind Turbine | Contact the company for pricing
Solar Roofing

CertainTeed® has developed a photovoltaic (PV) system that is truly the first of its kind to fully utilize the power of the sun without sacrificing aesthetics with the EnerGen™ Photovoltaic Solar Roofing System. Unlike traditional solar panels this system features integrated UNI-SOLAR® thin-film laminates that seamlessly integrate with traditional asphalt roofing shingles. Click here to download the EnerGen™ Brochure.
Model: EnerGen™ Photovoltaic Solar Roofing System | Check for pricing.
Solar Ventilation

GAF®, the nation's largest roofing and ventilation manufacturer, announces the addition of Master Flow® Green Machine™ Solar Powered Ridge Vents to its line of ventilation products. This energy-efficient ridge vent delivers 25 times more airflow than traditional ridge vents to remove excess heat and moisture to protect your roof from premature deterioration and mildew. They also look great with the low profile solar panels blending into the ridgeline.
Model: Master Flow® Green Machine™ Solar Powered Ridge Vents | Find a retailer
Tankless Water Heater

With a capacity up to 9.4 gallons per minute (GPM) of hot water, the Rinnai® R94LSe is capable of supplying continuous hot water to as many as five plumbing and appliance outlets simultaneously, ensuring you never run out of hot water. You'll appreciate greater energy efficiency, lower energy costs and the simplicity of exterior installation.
Model: Rinnai® 9.4 GPM Gas Tankless Water Heater R94LSe (VB2735WD-US) | Retails for $950.
Solar in a Box

The SolPak® Series by Rheem® is the company's first all-inclusive active solar water heating system. Nicknamed "solar in a box" it comes complete with a heat exchanger tank, collector panels, a controller, multi-speed pump, thermal expansion tank and other essential items. It's eligible for the 30% federal tax credit for renewable energy.
Model: SolPak® 80-gallon units RS80-40BP | MSRP: $3250
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