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KraftMaid® Luxe Transitional
KraftMaid® Luxe Transitional

The square raised panel doors featured in this cabinet add a sleek smart look to your kitchen. Adding items like a large island with built-in storage, extra large moulding, and lots of drawers transforms this kitchen into a functional, clutter-free kitchen. When you buy your cabinets from KraftMaid® you are getting 40 years of KraftMaid's® design and building experience.

Model: KraftMaid® Luxe Transitional
Lumber Liquidators® Bellawood® Brazillian Cherry

Sturdy hardwood floors, like those offered by Lumber Liquidators® are a must for mom. Their Bellawood® Brazilian Cherry adds rich beauty and proven durability. From reddish brown to yellowish tan, this milled Brazilian Cherry is the perfect way to add warmth and elegance to any home. Bellawood® is also a flooring brand that realtors and builders mention by name.

Model: Lumber Liquidators® Bellawood® Brazillian Cherry | MSRP $5.28/sq. foot
Lumber Liquidators® Bellawood® Brazillian Cherry
California Closets® Bedroom Solutions
California Closets® Bedroom Solutions

A well-designed closet can turn any room into a perfectly organized space. Since your bedroom is where you start and end each new day, it is important that mom doesn't wake up seeing the work laid out before her. To make the most of your closet space, the California Closet® consultants will customize your space to maximize efficiency with a wide range of custom storage solutions.

Model: California Closets® Bedroom Solutions
Lutron® Mastro® Occupancy Sensor

Instead of fumbling with light switches, make mom's life a little easier with Lutron® Maestro® Occupancy Sensor. The Maestro® Occupancy Sensor turns lights off when a room is vacated and can turn lights on when you enter a space. The switch can also be adjusted to detect either vacancy or occupancy so the lights are turned on only when needed.

Model: Lutron® Mastro® Occupancy Sensor
Lutron® Mastro® Occupancy Sensor
Kohler® Riverbath® 75'� Drop-In Whirlpool Bath
Kohler® Riverbath® 75' Drop-In Whirlpool Bath

Serenity can be found in the natural and hypnotic sounds of rivers and oceans, and that is what the Riverbath® whirlpool tubs from Kohler® bring into your home. Complete with the natural sounds and rhythms these whirlpools also have mood-enhancing color therapy and rapids and whitewater settings that allow for a full range of water massages. Two variable-speed pumps with 18 settings power eight Flexjet™ whirlpool jets and four Riverjets that provide an individually adjustable hydro-massage for those aching muscles — you'll feel like you just spent the day at the spa.

Model: Kohler® Riverbath® 75' Drop-In Whirlpool Bath | MSRP $14,100
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