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Cover Your Walls Creatively

Painting with Emeralds

For those looking for a beautiful, sustainable, and washable paint, Sherwin-Williams® Emerald™ is a good option. This paint received an Air Quality Certification from the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute. In addition to the Sherwin-Williams® lifetime warranty, Emerald™ also contains antimicrobial properties.
Model: Sherwin-Williams® The Emerald™ Family | MSRP: $60+ per gallon
A Natural Paint Alternative

Performance and color options describe Natura™ Paint by Benjamin Moore®. The greenest and safest paint on the market is also quick drying and virtually odorless, allowing you to use your room the same day it is painted. Natura™ also comes in thousands of different shades, so you don't compromise on color.
Model: Benjamin Moore® Natura™ No-Voc Paint | MSRP: $55+ per gallon
Uniquely Sculpted Wallcoverings

Seeking wallpaper made in the USA? York Wallcoverings® has a great selection of artisan wallpaper including their Sculptured Surfaces Collection. From the bold to the subtle, these wallpapers are eco-friendly, inspired by, and made with natural elements like sand and leaves.
Model: York Wallcoverings® Sculptured Surfaces Collection | MSRP: $89.99+ per single roll
What Color is Your Aura?

Aura® is Benjamin Moore®'s top rated paint. Using Benjamin Moore's Color Lock® Technology, this paint never requires more than two coats even with the richest of colors. Available in any shade from the color gallery, Aura® is a washable, easy to maintain, and environmentally friendly paint. Also, if your wall is ever stained, Aura® also boasts seamless touch-ups or color rub-off.
Model: Benjamin Moore® Aura® Interior Paint | MSRP: $67.99 per gallon
For a Kid's Art Studio

Say you have a couple kids that really want to be the next Van Gogh, instead of coming home to a mess on the walls that will have to be repainted, try Benjamin Moore® Chalkboard Paint. Not only is this paint a good way to give kids a creative outlet, but this washable paint comes in any color in Benjamin Moore®'s gallery. Not only will it save your walls, but any leftover paint can also be used to make eco-friendly cabinet to-do lists, labeling dresser drawers, or creating a daily wall menu for the kitchen.
Model: Benjamin Moore® Chalkboard Paint | MSRP: $29.99 per quart
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