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Customize Your House Plans

An affordable way to modify your dream home!

Step 1

Find a house plan that's almost perfect!

Helpful tips for your modification:

Please be as specific as possible. Instead of indicating you want a larger bedroom and a bigger porch, be specific. Tell us how many feet you want added in width and/or length. For example, "I want to increase the master suite to 16' X 14'. Or I want to add 4 extra feet to the entire back of the house.

Size Increase If requesting additional square footage in your modification request, please indicate the specific size increase and the direction (front, left, rear, right) desired.

Adding rooms. If you're adding rooms, please indicate desired location and size.

Exterior changes. For changes to porches and decks, indicate your size preference and if you want the space covered or uncovered.

We love sketches! We love sketches! It's not required, but you can print the floor plans, indicate the changes you want, and scan and either email or fax them to us at 855-626-8638.

Helpful information. Learn more about house plan modifications by reading this article.

Important Engineering and Code Information

All of our house plans are designed to include the necessary information you need to build your new home. Please note our plans will not include an architectural or engineering stamp. Some areas will require additional information and/or engineering that can be completed by a local, licensed professional or engineer. We recommend contacting your local building department to find out the requirements specific to your county.

If you need assistance with your modifications, please email, live chat or call (866) 214-2242 and a home plan specialist would be happy to assist you.