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Optimizing Your New Home's Resale Value

You're building your dream home but you want to be prepared just in case you need to sell it in the future. There are many ways to improve your home's resale value from the very start. Not only will these upgrades drastically improve your home's resale value but they can also benefit you while you are living in your home. Here are some of the elements that are high on potential homebuyers wish lists.

You can't go wrong spending on energy-efficient building materials or appliances no matter what project or upgrade you are considering. More than ever, homebuyers are moneywise so if you can make your home more efficient, you should.


Beautiful Flooring for Your Kitchen

As perhaps the most traveled area of your home, your kitchen's flooring needs to be carefully chosen. Not only does it need to withstand persistent foot traffic, but it should also stand up to the burden of spills and have the strength to endure dropped pots and pans.

Since this is a room where strength and durability are key, you definitely want to pick a suitable flooring. With the options available today, your kitchen can feature anything from a sturdy bamboo to a majestic hardwood. Have a look at some of these fantastic floors that will hold up to your kitchen and look great doing it.


4 Design Tips for Small Bathrooms

Think you can't possibly fit all the amenities and storage you need into your small bathroom? Want to make it feel more spacious? We have a few helpful tips to aid you creating a bathroom that looks bigger while still giving you all the storage and convenience you will find in larger bathrooms. From wall-mount sinks, curved shower rods and convenient storage options, you can create a beautiful bathroom regardless of size.

A curved shower rod not only adds an elegant and luxurious look to your bathroom but it also adds five and a half inches of additional shower space.


Selecting an Energy-Efficient Roof for Your Home

They don't use any electricity and aren't in view when they're working for you, but roofs contribute to your household's energy efficiency. What hangs over your head is important for your own comfort and safety, but it can also have a large impact on the environment as a whole. As you shop for your next roof, here are some things to keep in mind so you can maximize your home's energy efficiency and make environmentally conscious choices.

In a region with wide-ranging temperature variations, keeping warm in winter and cool in summer is a serious undertaking. An improperly insulated roof can be one of the most inefficient parts of your entire home.


Durable Products for Your Most Valuable Asset

If you're planning to build a new home you will want to build it with the best exterior materials possible. Building a new home requires a large investment of time and money. You want that new home to last for years to come, so it's important to select products that are durable and easy to maintain.

Our architects and designers have decades of experience helping clients design and build new homes as well as building their own personal homes. We want to help you take a rational and informed approach so that you can have meaningful and productive dialog with your contractor about your project.


Garage Door Trend: Faux Wood, Real Beauty

Do you love the look of wood but don't want the upkeep that a wood door requires? Thanks to a decade of innovations in manufacturing and material technology, garage doors now have a higher level of energy efficiency, durability, and design. The result is a wide array of new garage door options that are not just fashionable, but functional, too.

Not only have these advances led to more energy-efficient products, but they have also increased the number of finish options available. For example, the use of faux wood is a trend we have been seeing in garage doors recently.