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House Plan 7563: Luxury Farmhouse with Side Entry Garage
House Plan 7563
5,317 Square Foot, 5 Bed, 4.1 Bath Home
Two master suites on the main floor and beautiful outdoor living spaces make this luxury farmhouse a unique must-see!

Our customers love options, but with so many floor plans available, searching for your dream home can get a bit confusing. To make things easier, our team created these new home plan collections for your browsing pleasure. We’ve added T-shaped home plans, Louisiana and Georgian style homes, homes with side-entry garages, and a collection devoted to home plans with courtyards.

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Top Selling House Plans & Hot New Home Plan Collections!

Louisiana Style Home Plans

If you’re in the market for tall ceilings and spacious porches, our new Louisiana style house plan collection is perfect for you! These homes will meet any and all lounging and recreational needs. Keep intimacy without losing grandeur with floor plans that offer 3+ bedrooms and bathrooms alongside generously portioned living spaces. Many of these house plans include formal dining rooms and family rooms that embrace the warmth of Southern architecture while still maintaining the modern design elements we’ve grown accustomed to. Plus, entertaining family and friends is a breeze, as most have vast outdoor living spaces. Our Louisiana style house plans can be modified to fit your specific needs, lot, and budget.

T Shaped Home Plans

From tiny homes with only a few hundred square feet, to luxurious mansions fit for the largest families, the wide variety that this collection offers is sure to contain something you’ll love. T-shaped house plans have a unique architectural design that specifically allows more sunlight into your home. T-shaped house plans can also make it easier to add features like solar panels, roof decks, courtyards, and gardens. Additionally, the number of garages can vary significantly. Some offer up a 4+ stall garage, while some feature none at all.

Side-Entry Garage Home Plans

Our customers love that a side-entry garage provides increased curb appeal and a larger entry into the home. Side-entry garages are found on homes of all sizes and styles. Many new or high-end neighborhoods are requiring this kind of design to ensure fashionable front elevations, bringing the overall appeal of the entire neighborhood up a level. With a side-entry garage, your home appears measurably larger and the front can be designed or decorated with additional features. Ask a home plan specialist about modifying or customizing one of these homes to fit your family perfectly.

Georgian Home Plans

Do you love homes that are very symmetrical and equally proportioned? Georgian house plans could be perfect for you! With hints of European influence, Georgian house plans are one of the most popular styles in the US; the symmetrical windows, chimneys, and unique fanlights separate it from others. Most Georgian house plans are two stories, and many US residential homes are based on the look.

New Home Plan Collection for Courtyards

Courtyard house plans are great if you want more natural ventilation, privacy, and security. With a courtyard integrated into your home, you have the luxury of being able to comfortably host events outside, and often out of the view of neighbors. Some owners treat the courtyard as an additional room in the house, creating the feel of indoor/outdoor living. Courtyard house plans incorporate doors and windows can be opened up to other parts of the house, making the spaces more accessible to one another and bringing the outdoors inside. All plans are customizable and include multiple room and bath options, too.

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