Retired Couple Finds Floor Plan & Forever Home

It’s especially rewarding when retired couples find the perfect floor plans for their golden years. So, when a couple headed towards retirement contacted me a few weeks ago, I was eager to help!

They explained that they were looking to downsize from their current home of 3,000 square feet and wanted a small one-story floor plan. It was important that they still have enough living space for their children and grandchildren to visit and stay overnight. After searching through several of our empty-nester floor plans, I came up with the JASPER design (pictured below).

JASPER: Retired Couple Finds Floor Plan

Just shy of 1,500 square feet, this split-bedroom floor plan with three bedrooms seemed ideal! With its decorative stepped and vaulted ceilings, it gives the illusion of much more space, a feature that many demand when downsizing. My customers immediately loved the open floor plan and thought the breakfast room would be perfect to serve up a big brunch for visiting grandchildren. The split-bedroom layout also allows them to enjoy their own space and privacy.

JASPER II: Retired Couple Finds Floor Plan

If 1,500 square feet sounds a bit too small, you aren’t alone. Many of our customers have felt the same way. Luckily, the designer of JASPER created a similar yet larger design, fittingly called JASPER II.

At 1,800 square feet, this floor plan provides a bit more wiggle room. Because the additional square footage is fairly evenly spread throughout the plan, the transition from a larger family home to a retirement home is easier. Larger bedrooms have more space for the furniture you’ve become accustomed to. The redesigned bathrooms also increase functionality to maximize square footage and decrease building costs!

Speaking of building costs, take a look at the left side of this home. Simply made level, JASPER II has become more builder- and budget-friendly than its smaller counterpart. Additionally, the master bedroom’s window seat was removed and the pantry was enlarged due to customer feedback. And just look at that lovely little covered porch in back; it’s the perfect place for a set of rocking chairs and a view of the morning sun.

Top Selling Empty-Nester House Plans!

Don’t settle for just any old house for the best years of your life – find THE house, the house you’ve dreamed of. Your retirement home should inspire joy and be welcoming to your family and friends. It needs to maintain smart functionality and accessibility for potential mobility concerns, too. These are some of our top-selling empty-nester and mobility-friendly home plans – there’s something for everybody!

House Plan 7456: Mid-Sized 3 Bedroom Floor Plan for Retired Couple
House Plan 7456
1,968 Square Foot, 3 Bedroom, 2.0 Bathroom Home

If you’d like to spend your golden years in a bit of luxury, High Hampton (shown above) may be just what you’re looking for, and it won’t send your budget through the roof. This accessible design has a master bedroom worth drooling over! It offers tall ceilings, generous walk-in closet and bathroom spaces, and a private porch that doubles as a carport. You’ve got to see this home for yourself!

House Plan 2012: Small Empty-Nester Floor Plan
House Plan 2012
1,228 Square Foot, 2 Bedroom, 2.0 Bathroom Home

This affordable Craftsman, House Plan 2012 (shown above), is a clear fan favorite! The home’s two bedrooms both enjoy direct access to a full bathroom, with the owner’s suite boasting a fully private bath. Walk-in closets for both bedrooms make storage a breeze, too! The kitchen’s large island and breakfast nook are wonderful features rarely found in a home this size. You won’t even feel like you’ve downsized

House Plan 7360
1,386 Square Foot, 2 Bedroom, 1.0 Bathroom Home

Wheelchair access to the front door and an open concept, single-level layout make Spring Villa (shown above) a must-see! You’ll find everything you need, without wasting time and money on things you don’t. Plus, the unfinished basement option leaves plenty of space for visiting family and friends to spend summers or long weekends, if you choose to finish it.

Feel free to browse our full collection of Empty-Nester House Plans or Accessible Home Plans, but please remember that our home plan specialists are always here to help. Chat with us now – we would love to help you find your perfect forever home!

4 thoughts on “Retired Couple Finds Floor Plan & Forever Home

  1. I really love this house plan! Can you send me the plan number?

  2. Joan Gonsalves

    Now single and retired I am looking for a house plan to construct a house in the Caribbean (children & grand children live in USA & Canada). The land is gently sloping; the lot size is 18,618 sq ft and a ten minute walk from the beach.
    As a young girl I grew up in the Caribbean but lived in North America most of my life, at retirement I am returning to my homeland to live especially during the winters. However, I find that most of the beautiful houses on the island are replaced by “American style houses” meaning toooo much concrete. The beautiful homes of yesteryear are gone. No, they were not destroyed by hurricanes (because there are a few very old homes here and there) but the beautiful homes with outdoor living and dining spaces with shutters for protection are all gone. Why? I have no idea. I have checked on line for vacation style homes, Hawaiian homes etc, yet the picture in my mind of a typical Caribbean style home is nowhere to be found. I need all rooms on one floor (although sloping top of land is assessable from private road) , I am not rich, so I DO NOT require a mansion. Three bedrooms large and airy (may have to go two with study), 2 1/2 bath rooms master en-suite (showers in bath rooms with no bath tubs) possible skylight (maybe later off master bedroom a soak tub in a garden effect) Both dining and living spaces would be in an “open environment by utilizing a huge verandah concept” and an indoor study with TV, computer etc. with the sitting area having room to accommodate a hideaway-bed. Kitchen with breakfast nook patio effect bring in the sunlight here the more the better The laundry room should have space for washer & dryer enclosed from the elements, however, require an outdoor type drying area for laundry – (open but with a roof covering) Clothes dryer when necessary would be for rainy season. The outdoors would have minimum lawn area (soil on island is rich volcanic but a lawn utilizes too much water for proper upkeep) therefore, lots of space for shrubs and both shade & fruit trees.
    The Lot 18,600 sq. ft… However, house size approx. 1700 sq ft max 2000 sq ft. Later, the children/grandchildren would have the option of erecting a cottage or two.
    Note if having an upper floor would cut costs, (possible less expensive due to smaller roof) then have master suite on first floor and ½ bath and study on first floor and two bed rooms with one full bath upstairs. There are many retirees originally from the Caribbean returning to their homeland for retirement. How about having house plans along the lines outlined here?

    • Hi Joan,

      No need to panic, we have plenty of house plans that fit your requirements. In fact, we had Mary browse through some of more popular collections to find you several plans which she thought you would be interested in looking at. They are The Montego, The Beechwood Ridge and the 1114 House Plan. We have plenty of plans for you to choose from. A good place to start is our advanced search page, where you can select most of your home preferences and narrow you search. Please give Mary a call at 866-214-2242 and she would be happy to help you find a plan so you can build your new Caribbean home. You

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