Simple Rectangular House Plans

From your wallet to your peace of mind, simple rectangular house plans have tons of benefits. Homeowners across the nation have increasingly opted for rectangular style plans for a variety of reasons. Many prospective buyers are drawn to them because of their unique ability to fit narrow or limited lots. Plus, they are quite accessible! We encourage you to explore the wide variety of rectangular house plans available. Where’s the best place to start your search?, of course!

When it comes to a rectangular home plan, “simple” does not need to mean limited. Popular in bustling cities to sleepy suburbs, these homes come in every eye-catching style available. You can find them in many looks that you know and love – these homes are just in more rectangular footprints!

No matter where you are on your home search, we encourage you to explore the many great features that simple rectangular house plans can provide. From money-saving comfort all the way to stunning style, consider all that you could miss out on by overlooking a rectangular plan.

Simple Rectangular House Plans
Golden Moon: THD-9542
1,883 Square Foot, 3 Bed, 2.0 Bath Home

Simple Rectangular House Plans That Fit Any Lot

If you have been struggling to find a home that fits your unique lot, a rectangular plan may be the answer that you’ve been searching for. These plans are often great for narrow lots and neighborhoods where land is at a premium. Our rectangular homes can be designed to take up minimal lot space yet still offer maximum comfort. Plus, with tons of styles to choose from, your rectangular plan can fit any neighborhood requirements. 

 A great example of a stylish yet practical home, THD-9542 (‘Golden Moon’) is an affordable contemporary design. With 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and an attached garage, this plan makes an awesome family home. The Golden Moon shows how a rectangular house plan can offer a lovely design while taking up relatively little space. 

As you search for the right home plan for you and your lot, take note of any limitations that your lot or neighborhood may pose. Rectangular homes have some of the most minimal footprints available, so they can fit where other homes may not, but they may still need to meet HOA style rules!

Simple Rectangular House Plans
Rochester: THD-7002
2,897 Square Foot, 5 Bed 4.1 Bath Home

Accessible Comfort in a Compact Design

For many reasons, homeowners seek accessibility. However, most homes lack the accessible features that many people need. For aging occupants, or those with limited mobility, an accessible home can be hard to come by. If you look, many rectangular house plans are engineered to be accessible, so everyone can enjoy them.

Take THD-7002 (‘Rochester’), which comes with a wheelchair ramp in the garage to improve accessibility. Large open rooms mean this home is easily navigable. Plus, a bedroom suite on the first floor makes it great for in-laws. The wide staircase can accommodate a stairlift, if needed. And with 5 bedrooms (or 4 and a large bonus) and 2,897 square feet of living space, this home is enjoyable for the whole family. 

The simple, compact designs of rectangular house plans helps them be accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Even if your dream plan doesn’t include some of the necessary additions to make it accessible to you or someone else, feel free to talk with your designer about modifications. We are always happy to help make your dream home possible!

Simple Rectangular House Plans
Dunes Retreat: THD-9363
3,432 Square Foot, 3 Bed, 3.5 Bath Home

Affordable Relaxation Anywhere

Whether it’s for weekend getaways or a year-round abode, simple rectangular house plans make amazing and affordable homes. Wide-ranging designs and tons of options mean that your dream home could be pretty unassuming at first glance, but it can still have all you desire!

THD-9363 (‘Dunes Retreat’) is a wonderful example of a rectangular home that can be built to make your dream of a beach house a reality. An accessible single-story design provides 3 bedrooms and an amazing wraparound porch, great for watching the waves. Downstairs, there’s a finished basement that doubles the living space you thought you had! Thanks to this home’s rectangular design, it can be built practically anywhere, even on some of the most limited beachfront lots. 

Simple Rectangular House Plans
Clemmons: THD-1926
2,543 Square Foot, 4 Bed, 3.1 Bath Home

Think about the great options that are at your fingertips when you choose a simple rectangular house plan. One of our most stylish choices, THD-1926 (‘Clemmons’) showcases yet another rectangular layout possibility. This cozy Craftsman is a customer favorite thanks to its affordability, style, and great spaces. 

As you begin or continue your dream home search, don’t let a limited or narrow lot frustrate you. Our wide range of affordable and simple rectangular house plans is packed full of opportunities waiting to be realized. We encourage you to consider the many great features that these houses can provide.

If you have any questions or need help during your home search, feel free to contact us. Our team of experienced home designers and advisors are always happy to help you find that perfect dream home, no matter the shape or size!

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