Michael Weston’s Miami: The Homes of “Burn Notice”

Admit it. Who wouldn’t want to live in a home that was once featured in a famous television show? Well, fans of the USA Network original series Burn Notice are lucky. Not only are scrupulous records of all of Burn Notice’s filming locations available, but there are detailed photos of the real  homes used as exteriors for the hit series.

This house in Spring Gardens is the one that they used as a model for the house they built on set as Madeline Westen’s home. Madeline Westen is Michael’s mom and her home is often where the team meets to discuss plans, play poker, and generally look after her if Michael is on a very dangerous case. This home looks like a modest one-and-a-half story southern-inspired bungalow house plan. House plans such as The Chadwick house plan seem to have a similar feeling.

Shot on location in Miami, Florida the show is about Michael Westen, a burned(discredited/terminated) spy. With no resources and all his connections severed, Michael Westen has to find the people who burned him using his skills as a CIA operative and the only people that are still talking to him.  This team includes:  his old friend Sam, his ex-girlfriend and former IRA explosives expert Fiona, and his mother Madeline.

This Burn Notice screen capture features Michael running past the home of one of his mom’s neighbor’s. The real life home is in Miami, FL at 824 NW 7th Street Road. At a glance this two-story home appears to be somewhat colonial inspired.

There are lots of homes and locations noted for the filming of Burn Notice and a quick online search will bring you to the in-depth guide that shows you where certain scenes were filmed. Since they seem to cover much of Miami here are a few locations the team goes to there. The show is typically bright and colorful and the background is usually filled with palm trees and sometimes a Spanish style house plan with clay tiles and white stucco.

This home is the background of the episode entitled “Old Friends” and homes like it show up throughout Burn Notice. Homes like these are popular in warm climates like Florida and are what tend to embody Spanish and Mediterranean house style.

You could write a book on all the homes and locations Burn Notice has shot at in their six year run but if one thing is certain, it’s that the homes in Miami are wildly diverse. The sixth and final season of Burn Notice premieres on Thursday July 11 on the USA Network, but if you think you want a little bit more of Michael Westen’s Miami in your life, browse the Spanish house plan and Mediterranean house plan collections found at The House Designers.

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