This Cabin Gets Around: The Murdo Park Caretaker’s Cabin

A real life photograph of the Murdo Park Caretaker’s Cabin, located on 2720 Pemberton Avenue, North Vancouver, British Columbia. This log cabin has been used in several television series, including Once Upon a Time, Caprica, Stargate-SG-1, Eureka, and Fringe.

I don’t think I have ever coveted a house more than I do Clarice Willow’s cabin house in Caprica. Imagine my surprise when I later found out that not only was the cabin real but it had been used by the Syfy Network  as Colonel Jack O’Neil’s fishing cabin in Stargate SG-1. The real life cabin is located in Vancouver, British Columbia and is known as the Murdo Park Caretaker’s cabin.

The Caretaker’s Cabin as it appeared in Caprica in 2009.

In addition to appearances in Caprica and Stargate SG-1  this cabin house has also appeared in Eureka, Supernatural, Fringe, and most recently Once Upon a Time as Mr. Gold’s Cabin. I am not entirely sure what it is about this cabin that attracts me to it but its log cabin exterior looks so cozy. Sadly I will probably never get to own this cabin. However, if I ever get the opportunity, I could find a few other log cabins that I would like to stay in.

While it might not be possible to live in the cabin that has been featured in so many television shows, it is possible to have a similar home.  Browsing through the log cabin house plan collection from The House Designers assures that you will find the perfect cabin for your dream vacation, or primary home.


3 thoughts on “This Cabin Gets Around: The Murdo Park Caretaker’s Cabin

  1. Dave Hill

    Thanks for this post. As a long time sci-fi fan, I’ve always been curious about the cabin. It was also in an episode of the new ‘V’ series, and a recent episode of Primevil: New World.

    • I have that same thought whenever I see this cabin. I love it for its charm and simplicity. If I was to build a cabin this would be what I would model it after.

  2. Andrea

    This is also the cabin from Men in Trees – Actress Ann Heche aka Marin Frist’s home in Elmo Alaska I thought I recognized it as Jack’s cottage, very cool.

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