Preparing Your Home for Spring

Finally, you’ll be able to toss your thick jackets and bulky boots into your closet. After a long winter that brought snow as high as your car, spring is definitely a welcome change.

Aside from a chance to enjoy the outdoors, spring is also the perfect time to prepare your abode for summertime. Use these helpful tips in spring cleaning, decorating and organizing to ensure a comfortable home through the season’s rising temperatures.

#1 – Double-check window and door insulation

Although spring weather usually doesn’t require heating or cooling, there may be days when it feels warmer. Plus, you’ll most likely be using your air-conditioning system in the months ahead, so it’s only right that you make sure you don’t waste money or energy because of drafts. The best thing to do is to double-check the condition of your insulation system. Make sure weather strips are still usable, that there are no cracks on glass windows and all doors and windows are fully sealed.

#2 – Use your air-conditioning sparingly

Days will be hotter as we approach summer, which means that you’ll be using your AC more. This can increase your energy use, which could translate to high electricity charges. To minimize energy use, invest in a good thermostat to help you adjust the temperature according to a pre-set schedule. Additionally, you can install ceiling fans that run in a counterclockwise direction as this blows air downwards, helping you minimize the use of your cooling system.

#3 – Take advantage of air outside

If you have large windows, you can open these to let more natural light in and make the most of the cool air outside. This also allows hot air out, making your space feel much more comfortable without relying too much on your AC system or electric lighting. To prevent direct sunlight from overheating your interiors though, install blinds, shutters or curtains to block some of it.

#4 – Take a look into your attic

Sometimes warm or cold air can be circulating up in the attic, which can considerably affect the temperature of the rest of the house. So invest in proper ventilation to insulate your home.

#5 – Replace your HVAC’s old filter

Replacing your HVAC’s filter regularly is one of the easiest and cheapest things you can do to make your home as energy efficient as possible. This removes clogged dirt in your air-conditioning unit and allows the equipment to run much more efficiently. You can buy reusable HVAC filters, which you need to rinse regularly. This is can be more expensive up front, but is more practical since you don’t need to throw it out once it becomes riddled with dust.

#6 – De-clutter

Clutter is one of the major things that can make a house look and feel hot and uncomfortable. To allow air to circulate properly in your house, make sure to get rid of clutter in every room. Get rid of the things you’ve hoarded and kept, but aren’t using since you got them. Not only will this let air flow freely inside your home, but it will also leave you more space for a much needed makeover. That way, you’ll be able to decorate your home with a spring/summer feel.

Important spring preparations to keep in mind:

  1. Dust ceiling fans, corners and even moldings.
  2. Wipe light features with a damp cloth to get rid of dust.
  3. Clean windows and tops of doors to ensure they’re spotless.
  4. Clean tables, countertops, bookshelves and wall décor.
  5. Clean blinds and furniture pieces.
  6. Vacuum baseboards, rugs and carpets.
  7. Use a gentle cleaner to clean hardwood, tiles and linoleum.
  8. Vacuum air-conditioning vents to remove allergens.
  9. Remove cobwebs from every corner of the house.
  10. Wash light shades with mild soap and water.
  11. Replace light bulbs, if needed.
  12. Trim bushes and trees outside your house.
  13. Install outdoor lighting
  14. Pressure wash windows, siding and garage door.
  15. Clear patio, porch and deck.

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