Add Appeal to Your Home with These Design Tips

Your home may have been built using a floor plan that’s common in your neighborhood, but that doesn’t mean it can’t stand out from the rest of the houses in your area. By learning more about architectural styles and adding complementary design elements, you can infuse character and beauty into your home to set it apart.

country house plan
This classic country House Plan 5678 features a beautiful front covered porch featuring Fypon columns shutters and trimwork.
  • Be mindful of proportions. For example, the width of the shutters used in pairs on a window should be half that of the window, and must have the same height as the window.
  • Baseboard should be as high as the ceiling. Aside from that, the baseboard molding must always be larger than the frame built around a window or door.
  • Install chair rails to make any room look taller. Chair rails are moldings that prevent the backs of chairs from rubbing against the wall. From the floor these should be a third of the way up the wall and should be a half to one inch more narrow than the casings.
  • Hanging curtains higher than the windows can make a room appear taller. Use colorful draperies to add more character.
  • Add storage units wherever you can, but do it with class. Add purpose to an empty area near a bay window by transforming it into a reading nook. Install seating that doubles as storage for old magazines, toys, etc.Take advantage of open shelves to store and at the same time, display favorite collectibles. Airy shelves don’t just keep your space clutter-free, but also add charm to your home.
  • Accentuate a basic kitchen with architectural details. If your cooking area lacks flair, frame its windows with wide moldings and spice up your cabinets with carved legs and cornices.
  • Use natural wood or bamboo flooring. Not only do these last longer than synthetic materials, but they also add personality to your interior. For heavy traffic area use machine-washable rugs to keep the space warm and inviting.
  • Classic Georgian style front doors can be enhanced by capping its panel with an intricate crown supported by decorative pillars. You’ll find thousands of excellent quality millwork elements at Fypon®.
  • For a Victorian style home, add appeal to it by using ornamental spindlework on the porches and patterned shingles on the roof.
  • Highlight the unique style of country cottages with clapboard shingles for siding, or wood shakes for siding and roofing. Also, add wide white trim for window shutters.
  • Go for the finished look and feel of a Mediterranean-style home with decorative accents, like round columns, tiles and stones. Also, consider planting lush gardens and installing a stunning fountain outside your house.
  • Keep your home’s traditional look with updated building materials that last longer and require as little upkeep as possible. Polyurethane, for example, is a lightweight and, not to mention, cheaper alternative to wood. Aside from that, such materials are easy to install and can be resistant to insect infestation, moisture and weather conditions.

With a bit of trim here and there, your home could have the appeal and character it truly deserves.

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