What Makes a Split Bedroom Floor Plan Ideal?

If you and your family are in search of the perfect house plan, you might have come across the term “split bedroom floor plan,” especially with older designs. It was in the 1950s and 1960s when the split-level floor plan began to gain popularity in the suburbs of America. Although the design is basically derived from the ranch style, it was a fresh and modern take on home styles of the ‘50s. Aside from that, families moving into upscale neighborhoods were looking for grander homes.

affordable ranch house plan

House Plan 5458 is an affordable ranch home with split bedrooms and an open 1,492 design. Explore this popular design by The House Designers.

The split bedroom house plan refers to a design where the master suite is isolated from the rest of the other bedrooms as well as common areas, including the living room, dining room and kitchen. The location of the rooms is what makes this floor plan unique compared to other house styles, and the split bedroom design typically features living and eating areas with an open plan concept, making the home look and feel more spacious, comfortable and functional.

Today, the split bedroom floor plan is no longer considered modern, but is still quite practical. Here are some of the reasons this type of house plan is attractive:

  •   Affordable

This is one of the main reasons a lot of homeowners are still drawn to this house style. This house style costs less to build because of the absence of several interior walls, a common feature in open concept plans, reducing the quantities of construction materials.

  •   Peace and Privacy

For parents who want more privacy, this type of floor plan may work best for them. This is because the master suite will be located some good distance from the rest of the rooms in the house and away from heavy foot traffic. The living and dining rooms and kitchen, which get the most noise, will all be located in another area of the house, minimizing the noise traveling from one room to another. This means that your teenagers can conveniently entertain their friends while you enjoy some peace and quiet in your own room.

split bedroom floor plan

This 3 bedroom split bedroom layout enjoys a center living space and formal dining room. There’s plenty of room for future expansion above in House Plan 5558. Take a look at this popular country ranch house plan.

  •   Space

Generally, in split bedroom design plans floor space is used more efficiently. There are no hallways to separate the rooms, which could make a home look smaller because the sleeping zones are divided by the living area, great room, dining room and kitchen. As a result, the common spaces can be made bigger to accommodate a range of activities like entertaining guests, playing games and relaxing by the fireplace.

In this home design, the house can look and feel more spacious because it generally uses cathedral ceilings in the great room. This could accommodate more or bigger windows and skylights to let more natural light in, giving the house that sophisticated appeal.

  •   Upkeep and Adaptability

Maintenance and upkeep will be straightforward in split bedroom home plans. You can easily access most of the working parts of the house, making cleaning, repair and upgrades less tedious and less costly. Aside from that, customizing or renovating the house will never be a problem because it can easily adapt to the changing trends in décor and interior design. For example, you can give an old home a new lease on life by using modern minimalist details, like recessed lighting instead of a massive outdated chandelier in the middle of the living room.

Split bedroom house plans have many benefits. This is why these types of homes offer excellent resale value. In fact, it is still quite popular to a lot of homebuyers.

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