What Women Want in Home Designs

When it comes to building a home and selecting a house plan it is no surprise that women are the primary purchasers of house plans. Nobody understands that better, than our female designers, who have put together a list of “must have” features a house plan needs in order to accommodate the many needs and sensibilities women have through all stages in their home life – wife, mother and grandmother. All of their homes have been designed to reduce stress, facilitate entertaining and promote family time. Women look for house plans that include mud rooms, lots of storage and flexible spaces, gourmet kitchens, outdoor living area and master suites with spa baths and sitting rooms.

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2 thoughts on “What Women Want in Home Designs

  1. barbara cooper

    I was delighted to see your article “What Women Want in Home Designs.” We will soon be calling on an architect to help us plan our home and the ideas you mentioned in the article agree with what I’ve been telling my husband. In addition to those mentioned, we will also have drawers in the kitchen as opposed to lower cabinets. They’re much easier to get to the back without having to stand on one’s head! In Texas we must store things in the house because the heat in the attic or garage breaks down plastics, papers and other materials. The house we build will have a large utility room with a lot of storage as well as w/d, utility sink and long counter for crafts, sorting recyclables and folding clothes.
    I hadn’t thought about the space to set groceries near the pantry, but I know the driveway or garage where I unload my car will be closer to the kitchen than it is now!
    Thanks again for your articles.

    • We are so glad that you enjoyed reading our article on “What Women Want in Home Designs.” Our writers at The House Designers have lots of fun researching and writing all the articles that make up their Home Ideas e-newsletter and Product Ideas section. You might be interested before building your new home in checking out some of our articles in the Interior Design and Green Building section. You’ll find some interesting twists on greening your bedroom, eco-friendly living tips, water conservation, designing feng shui and much more. If you need any assistance with finding a house plan, please give our staff a call at 866-214-2242. Enjoy designing your new home!

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