Helping Those Who “Need” A New Home

I can’t tell you how many people called last week to order plans because they needed a new home. Not that they wanted a new home, but since they lost their homes in the crazy fires, tornados, and hurricanes that have been happening around our country. We heard some really sad stories this week from customers, and it made me realize how lucky I am and that it always can be worse. Across America, families are struggling because of the economy, but can you imagine the families that are living in their cars on the property that their home was once standing? The staff and I asked the owners of The House Designers if we could give $50.00 off plan packages to some of these people in crisis and they thought it was a good idea.

The person I felt the most for was a man that finally got his insurance check after losing his home and it was time to begin his new life. It took almost one year to receive the financial reimbursement to finally start rebuilding his life and home. He told me that finding this amazing house plan and imagining living in this beautiful home is what has kept his spirits alive. Check out the new home he’ll be living in, it’s the Ambrose Boulevard.

I agree that he has found the perfect family home. It has a creative blend of exterior materials with a stunning façade, a generous great room and it’ll provide the perfect place to gather his family again. It has a fabulous kitchen that flows into a breakfast and dining room where he can sit and talk to his family while eating a great macaroni Sunday dinner. I think sleeping in his own bed will be the best part of his first night in his new home because it really does have a spectacular master suite.

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