Interest Builds for Green Homes

Consumers interest in being green continues to grow, particularly when it comes to home products. Not only are the latest eco-friendly home products good for the environment, but they look great and work great. From energy-efficient light bulbs to solar-paneled roofs, consumers continue to gravitate to green products when building their new home, thanks in part to manufacturers, builders, and architects encouraging the use of green products. You’ll find that The House Designers have taken green to a whole new level with their exclusive ENERGY STAR house plans.

Interest in educating consumers about building green homes continues to spread, thanks to groups like the NAHB (National Associate of Home Builders) and USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council), government programs like ENERGY STAR and WaterSense. It just makes sense with the rising cost in energy prices that homeowners start to reevaluate their home purchases and daily habits.

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