Consumers Crave Green Kitchen

If you’re craving a green kitchen, you’ll want to begin by choosing the main course – appliances, cabinets, countertops, flooring and lighting. Unlike the old days, when only the mom’s were in the kitchen cooking in a rather small tucked away space, today’s modern kitchen has all the trimmings to make it a great place to gather and create memorable dishes. You’ll find consumers requesting that their house plans include extras like professional cooking and prepping areas, living room, café, office, breakfast nook, wine coolers, brick ovens and much more. Read how you can design your kitchen so it’s a bigger, better, and greener place for you and your family to enjoy in the latest issue of Home Ideas. With a little research and help from your designer, you can be sure to build and design your new kitchen with eco-friendly home products that are practical and stylish.

One thought on “Consumers Crave Green Kitchen

  1. Shower Cubicle

    there are portable wine coolers which also fit in a small office space. i use them in my home office :~.

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