The Best Ways to Upgrade Your Pantry

If you are like a lot of homeowners, chances are that you’ve never considered upgrading your pantry. As one of the most-used areas in a home, the pantry is vital. Neglecting this space is common because most folks would rather spend the time and money on a lavish master suite or adding some unique features in their common areas. While we still encourage that, we also recommend that you think about the best ways to upgrade your pantry. With a little thought and not much money, you can create an outstanding storage space that you never knew you needed. Trust us, you will thank yourself years from now!

Already building? Or are you currently living in your dream home? No worries! These tips for designing and building the best pantry still apply. Talk with our team of experienced designers today and see how we can help customize any home. From house plans to features and fixtures, The House Designers is your one-stop shop for all things home related!

This stunning open kitchen in House Plan 7876 is kept pristine thanks to a walk-in pantry and a prep kitchen nearby!

Along with these tips, we’ve included some real photos from some gorgeous builds we’ve designed. Take note of the unique features in each. We have thousands of ready-to-build house plans only a few clicks away, so your dream pantry and dream home await.

Being Budget Conscious

Unless you are a Michelin-star gourmand, you can probably upgrade your pantry with a few simple tips and very little cost. An upgrade that doesn’t break the bank? Sign us up! Let’s start the journey through the best ways to upgrade your pantry by looking at some inexpensive additions.

Effective use of space is key. Whether you have a pocket pantry or a larger walk-in room, it’s important to get the most out of every inch. Enter shelving systems. We’ve all seen organized and aesthetic pantries on social media and we’ve all daydreamed about transforming our space into one. Well, that’s actually easier than you might think! There are some amazing smart shelving systems on the market. Consider talking with your builder about building your own solution from them. From sliding baskets to bins and trays, you can get as creative as you’d like. Incorporate a variety of shelf heights or make them adjustable so you can fit larger items as well. Flexibility is your friend!

The chic retro pantry in House Plan 7055 is also quite practical. Notice the various shelves and space to prep and show off your finest dishes.

Add a countertop or cabinet area in your pantry if space allows. Then you can also store large kitchen gadgets in the pantry, preventing them from cluttering up your kitchen counter.

Keep Your Picturesque Kitchen Picture-Perfect

Everyone loves a gorgeous island kitchen—it’s often the centerpiece of the home. Don’t disrupt its aesthetic beauty with large gadgets or food prep materials that clutter up the counters. Instead, follow our next tip on the list of the best ways to upgrade your pantry: add a food prep space!

While often seen in larger homes, even modest homes can incorporate this upgrade. By simply adding a counter in your pantry, you can create a whole new workstation. You can easily chop, slice, mix, and even cook food in the area, depending on the size and what you include, all while keeping the main kitchen neater!

House Plan 4980 has a huge pantry tucked behind the corner. This build has an extra wall oven in it for increased cooking capacity. You could add any appliance you like!

If you’re a coffee lover, then you might also consider adding a coffee bar in your pantry. No more sweeping coffee grounds off the counter and floor of the kitchen. Instead, you can create your inner-barista’s dream coffee setup, all without taking up any space in the kitchen.

Paging Jeeves… Add A Butler’s Pantry (Without the Butler)

If you liked the idea of having some workspace away from the kitchen, then you might want to consider a butler’s pantry. What is a butler’s pantry? We’re glad you asked! While they take many forms, a butler’s pantry is most often thought of as a mini-kitchen off the main kitchen. They also can be a hallway that links the kitchen to the dining room, full of dishes and other serving items you’d want to keep handy during a dinner party. They typically lack actual cooking stations (think stoves or ovens), but a butler’s pantry can still offer tons of convenience. They’re just so useful, and you can customize them, of course!

The 5-star kitchen of House Plan 6900 features a walk-in pantry (tucked around the corner and out of sight) as well as a drink station by the dining area, perfect for coffee or something a bit stronger.

A butler’s pantry will often feature ample counter space for plating, large cabinets for glasses and utensils, and even a fridge and sink for chilling drinks and cleaning up. Back in the day, a butler could prepare snacks and drinks in there while out of sight from guests. While most of us don’t have butlers now, we can still enjoy that convenient space and its features.

Don’t forget that a great pantry can add a lot of value to your home! All of the best ways to upgrade your pantry can add some subtle but noticeable value to your property. So, plan for yourself, but keep resale in mind and don’t skimp where it counts. It’ll all pay off, we promise!

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