Four Benefits of Bamboo Flooring

If you want a chic green floor, bamboo is the material you want. With all the properties of hardwood floors you might be surprised that this floor is actually constructed from a type of grass and has many of the same benefits as hardwood flooring. Here are some of the things you need to know to make an informed decision when purchasing bamboo flooring.

Renewable Flooring: Bamboo is made from naturally renewable vegetation. Since the plant grows to maturity in three to five years this materially is much more renewable than hardwood trees, which take up to twenty years to mature.

This bamboo flooring from Lumber Liquidators® is unique and stylish but has all the benefits of hardwood flooring.

Environmentally Friendly: Bamboo is also easy to maintain. You can sweep or vacuum it regularly to remove small particles of debris. You can also damp mop it, or clean it with non-wax, non-alkaline, hardwood or bamboo floor cleaner. Even though they can become discolored, scratched, or marred over time the surface can easily be refinished too, saving you from having to replace the flooring.

Durability: Certain types of bamboo are extremely strong.  When it is properly harvested natural, un-carbonized bamboo can be as durable as red oak hardwood.  It’s also possible to manufacture strand woven bamboo to be even harder than that. Not to mention. It is also water resistant to water damage, stains, and warping, even more so than hardwood.  However, it is still a concern.

A beautiful kitchen like the one in the Gull Lake house plan would look perfect with some bamboo flooring from Lumber Liquidators®. The stylish quality of bamboo would take it up just one more notch to make your kitchen the envy of your friends and family.

Style:  In the construction industry green and natural materials are currently trending.  Not only is bamboo an environmentally conscious material but it also elevates the elegance of a space almost instantly.  It has the appearance and feel of hardwood, while at the same time looking distinctly different.  This works particularly well if you want to reject the modern cookie cutter world and add some personality into your space.

Bamboo flooring is one of many options on the list, right there on the list next to hardwood. It is stylish, durable, and easy to care for.  In the end, what it really comes down to is the look you want.

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