Tips For Saving On Home Heating

With winter around the corner and increase in the cost of home heating this year, many homeowners are turning to supplementary heating products like fireplaces, stoves and inserts to help take the burn out of high heating costs.

You should definitely start planning early to prepare for winter. You should purchase your new heating product (stove/fireplace/insert) now so you won´t run the risk of facing shortages or delays in installation. Take advantage of the next couple of months to research, purchase and install new products.

First, you need to decide whether you want to heat with a fireplace, stove or insert (when building a new home you can mix and match depending on the size, style and space). Then you need to choose the fuel – wood, gas or pellets – that best suits your home and heating needs. Then you need understand the importance of efficiency ratings. Most hearth products are EPA-certified and are efficiency rated with a score between zero and 100, where higher scores indicate a better job of converting fuel into heat for your home. To learn about heating options visit our HVAC articles section, browse our collection of green home plans and read our latest issue of Home Ideas.

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