Home Ideas focuses on Stairways

When it comes to designing your stairway you have plenty of design and style options. Whether you choose to use a prefabricated staircase or custom, there are many unique designs available to complement your home.

Look beyond the lines, curves, graceful forms and patterns and make sure that your stairway is practical and functional. All of the stairways in the two-story home plans by The House Designers can be modified to enhance the interior look of your home.

One thought on “Home Ideas focuses on Stairways

  1. D Joan Bund

    I am trying to design a stair case from a lower level onto a covered deck. the deck is 12′ wide and the stairs would be 4′ wide to accomodate an electric lift at some time down the road. It would come from a landing which would leave a hight of 6′. I would like the rise to be only 7″ and the tread to be 91/2 to 10″ wide. Do I have enough room with only having 12′ to play with. Maybe you could consider that 8′ given that you have to get off the stairs onto the deck. ;-} We are in Canada so I suppose I would have to check building codes in our province of BC

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