Green House Plans Featured in Professional Builder

Professional Builders October issue highlights some of the best and most innovative green house plans to promote efficient living. One of the plans selected for their House Review feature piece was the Evergreen Cottage House Plan from The House Designers.

This house plan took first place in The House Designers 2nd Annual ENERGY STAR Competition, where leading architects and designers presented their best concepts and design solutions to address the challenges faced by home builders to build innovative, energy-efficient homes.

“This competition is just one way we try to encourage our architects and designers to create new, authentic, sustainable, energy conscientious home plans in support of our partnership with ENERGY STAR®,” said Tammy Crosby, CEO of The House Designers, the internets leading provider of residential house plans. “Being featured in publications like Professional Builder and Green Builder Magazine are all part of our initiative to educate consumers and builders about the benefits of building a green home.”

The results of this year’s competition produced a new collection of sustainable homes that mix high-tech and low-tech materials and systems with timeless architectural styling with up-to-date floor plans to ensure years of easy, efficient living. These plans can only be found at The House Designers exclusive ENERGY STAR® Approved/Green House Plan collection.

The Evergreen Cottage House Plan was selected because it offers tremendous flexibility in its design, while offering the latest in green technology and innovation. Both active and passive energy saving technologies have been considered, with such features as 6-inch SIP exterior walls, a 20-square-foot grass roof tile system, a Gale Vertical Axis Winder Generator or a Wind-Finder hidden in the traditionally detailed cupola, a rainwater capture and storage system, along with photovoltaic and water heating panels.

“One of the things we want to come through [with House Review] is the fact that designers don’t have to radically change their design approach to incorporate green elements and energy efficient features,” said Larry W. Garnett, FAIBD, House Review Lead Designer. “Take the Evergreen Cottage where you have a very traditional design with a lot of sustainable features built into it.”

Equally important is that designers and builders start to educate consumers by making them aware of the products and services available to build a green home. Since house plans are the first step in building a home, it is imperative the designers and architects present a strong case for why consumers should build a green home. Companies like The House Designers and publications like Professional Builder and Green Builder Magazine are instrumental in ensuring the “green” home building movement continues to gain momentum.

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The Evergreen Cottage House Plan is an award-winning green house plan that features the latest in green technology and innovation






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