Building a Home in Florida: What You Should Know

Building a home in Florida is a dream come true for many, everybody from snowbirds to beach lovers. Long stretches of sand, unique cultures and cuisines, relaxing vacation-minded communities, and the sunshine… it has everything! It’s no wonder why this dream is shared by all sorts of people.

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Budgeting for Building a Home in Florida

The best way to get an accurate estimate for the cost to build any home is by talking directly with a local builder. Have this conversation while looking over your new/potential home’s blueprints. That way, the builder will know exactly what you expect in the end, and can be upfront about prices and help you come up with a suitable plan of action.

Also consider purchasing a “study set” or “bid set”. These introductory plans provide a nearly complete blueprint, emailed to you directly. Having this file on hand is great for getting estimates from potential builders. Send it to as many builders as you’d like and get the best bid for your budget! When you’re comfortable with the price, take the next step and upgrade to the full buildable blueprint. Just pay the price difference and you’re ready to build – not a penny lost!

If you haven’t found a builder yet or want a third-party estimate to bring into the negotiations, we offer a useful cost estimation tool on each plan page. It uses information about the design, your zip code, and the U.S. census to determine an estimated cost to build. You can even change the foundation type or modify the home’s square footage to get an even more accurate estimate. It doesn’t get more convenient than that!

Explore this cost estimation demo to get an idea of how it works!

Many folks also speak to a local builder without a blueprint in hand. By simply asking about their average cost per square foot, you can start to form a rough idea of the cost to build a house in the area, and compare the cost across builders for the homes you’re considering.

Always remember to ask if they include non-heated square footage in their estimated numbers. The garage and outdoor living spaces can have a huge impact on the cost to build a home depending on the situation!

You’ve Got a Plan, Now It’s Time to Build!

Every part of the country has specific building codes. It is vitally important to be aware of these rules and regulations before you build. This is especially true in Florida, where building codes are strict to account for hurricanes and community homeowner associations are common.

First, Find Your Lot

The very first thing you need to do before building any new home is secure a place to put it. This step can be challenging for many reasons, but it can be especially difficult if you’re building on Florida’s coastline or another popular area. Land prices in the state can come at a premium, but don’t lose hope!

We encourage you to consider uniquely shaped and situated lots. While others might shy away from them, we have plenty of homes that address the challenge and do it well. From narrow to sloped lots, there are unique plans for every situation! No matter the challenge, our team can help you conquer it.

Then, Pick Your Dream Home Plan

We think the next step is the most fun! Once you have your land, you get to pick your dream home! Try making a list of wants and needs to input into our advanced search function to find EXACTLY what you’re looking for. You can also get help from a real person in real time! Our home plan specialists are available to talk by phone at 866-214-2242 or on LiveChat throughout the day and evening.

Anyone building a home in Florida should survey the styles already present in their target area. For coastal cities such as Miami, you’ll often see the flair of Mediterranean and modern homes. In quieter communities like Coral Springs, you might see some more traditional-style plans. Match the vibe of the neighborhood and you’ll secure a better property value now and in the future!

Choose Your Builder and Get Started!

Finding a builder takes time, thoughtfulness, and at least a few phone calls. Choosing the right builder for your home is important because it sets the tone for your project! Remember that not all builders, even great ones, are created equal. Each contractor typically specializes in a particular size and style of home, so take the time to ask. Also ask for references and read reviews online. The cheapest option is not usually the best. Use resources such as the Better Business Bureau to get insight into the quality of the builders vying for your business.

Our Preferred Builders and Houzz’s local professional finder are great places to begin your builder search! Try searching by location, size, and price and see who you find. Don’t ever be afraid to speak with multiple builders about estimates, local codes, expectations, or even your specific blueprint. You will not regret taking the time to carefully select the best builder.


  • Keep a Close Eye on the Budget: There are tons of awesome home plans that you can build at a reasonable cost. So, do your research. Read up on the products, supplies, and finishes you like before purchasing so you don’t get a nasty surprise later. And don’t be afraid to ask your builder for periodic accounting. It’s your money, so you want to make sure every bit is going to good use!
  • Stamp the Design: The State of Florida requires all blueprints to be examined, modified, and stamped by a local engineer. It ensures your home is prepared to face the extreme weather the state is known for. Once you purchase the stock plans, bring them to be stamped so they’ll be accepted by the building department.
  • Relax: Take a deep breath and try to take in the beauty around you. You’re not just building a house – you’re building a home! Those sandy beaches, beautiful sunsets, and cold drinks are so close you can almost taste them!

Falling in Love with Florida

THD-9084 : An Exclusive and Versatile Home Ready for Anything

House Plan 9084
1,878 Square Feet, 3 Bedrooms, 2.0 Bathrooms

The latest addition to our exclusive group of America’s Choice Home Plans would be great for Florida. This traditional design offers 1,878 square feet of living space on a single floor. That’s perfect for the older couple looking to have an accessible home to age in. It’s also great for the new family looking to get their start in the Sunshine State!

Check out all that THD-9084 has to offer. From sunny and open spaces to plenty of potential for relaxation, this versatile plan is great for so many settings and families. We also have product recommendations to explore on the plan page, so you know exactly what we used to complete these renderings!

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